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About Korean Drama

Although Korean dramatic television has evolved over the decades in sometimes controversial directions, the controversy hasn't stopped hasn't stopped the products of South Korea's television industry from achieving international popularity. K-drama has its fans both at home and abroad, and the shows' stars are international celebrities.

As in Japan, historical drama is the most traditional of Korean dramatic TV genres. Called sageuk, Korean period dramas rose in popularity beginning in the 1960s, but also like in Japan, historical drama began to fall out of favor in the 1980s, when younger audiences began to show a preference for dramas with more contemporary themes, especially romance.

Rather than simply follow Western dramatic traditions, some Korean dramas developed along innovative paths. Family dramas, medical dramas, crime thrillers and modern romances are certainly all represented among Korean drama series, but writers also created new series that blended two or more traditional genres. Fusion sageuk, for example, may combine the traditional historical conventions with elements of romance, adventure, science fiction or other more contemporary genres.

Music also plays a significant role in Korean drama, and the original soundtrack recording of a series' music often is as popular with its fans as is the series itself.

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