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About ITunes TV Shows

The iTunes store offers on-demand streaming of thousands of television programs and episodes, both in standard definition and HD. Programming in the catalog includes examples of nearly all genres, including comedies, dramas, game shows, reality TV and documentaries. The cost of streaming content from iTunes varies depending on the series in question; some episodes cost as little as 99 cents, although the majority of current series episodes cost either $1.99 or $2.99 per episode.

The iTunes catalog includes many current TV series, and the most recent episodes of the series are typically available, along with complete current and past seasons. Viewers can watch individual episodes for a one-time fee, or they can purchase an entire season for a single flat fee. Viewers may purchase a Season Pass that gives them access to past episodes from a series’ current season as well as future episodes as they become available; the cost of a season pass varies depending on the program but is typically less than the cost of buying each episode separately.

ITunes also offers a limited selection of video programming free of charge. The free content includes clips, highlights, previews and a very limited number of full-length episodes of series.

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