49 Days

49 days is a television series written by So Hyun Kyung and directed by Jo Yound Kwang. This is a South Korean T.V series that falls in the genre(s) of romance and fantasy. 49 days is broadcasted on SBS. It stars many excellent actor's and actresses' like Lee Yo Won, Jung Il Woo, Jo Hyean Jae, Seo Ji Hye, Nam Gyu Ri, and Bae Su Bin.

This television series is mainly focused on Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung. Ji Hyun is engaged and has that fairy tale, picture perfect life going for her. She is happily engaged and will be married in a couple days, and a family and group of friends that all love, admire, and adore her. While Yi Kung on the other hand is suffering in life with the loss of her boyfriend who tragically passed away after being involved in an accident. She works at a convenient store on the tied shift and often thinks about taking her own life to end her pain and suffering.

Then one day, Yi Kung decides life is too much and decides to take her own life. She walks out into on coming traffic but, a man grabs her saving her life just in time. Due to Yi Kung stepping out into traffic, she causes a multiple car pile up. Sadly, Ji Hyun was also traveling close by and did not see the semi truck stopped in the road. She did not hit her brakes in time and crashed into it. Ji Hyun gets out of her car only to be horrified thay she is watching her own body being placed into an ambulance, while paramedics try and revive her.

A man by the name of scheduler who happens to be an Angel, tells her that it is not time for her to die yet. He tells her that she will be allowed to live, but only if she can collect 3 tear drops from three people who love her, that is not family within 49 days. Ji Hyun takes over the body of Yi Kung to find those three people, only to discover it may be harder than she thought.

Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 20 Episodes
March 16, 2011
Korean Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Cast: Yo-won Lee, Gyu-ri Nam, Hyeon-jae Jo, Il-Woo Jung

49 Days Full Episode Guide

  • Ji Hyun is able to recall her adventure during the past 49 days and receives a visit from Yi Soo, but why?

  • Ji Hyun receives her third tear which allows her to wake up from her coma.

  • Kang and Ji Hyun deliver the seal to her mother and attempt to tell her father about Min Ho. Yi Kyung also receives gifts from Ji Hyun.

  • Both Kang and Ji Hyun race to stop Yi Kyung from running away. Min Ho tries to exorcise Ji Hyun's spirit.

  • Yi Soo recounts his heartbreaking his past with Yi Kyung. Kang and Min Ho fight over Ji Hyun while Seo Woo confronts In Jung with the truth.

  • Ji Hyun learns about the Scheduler's past and confronts him about it, which causes him to put things in perspective.

  • Worried that Kang is onto her secret, Ji Hyun is more determined to take care of the Min Ho situation before her 49 days.

  • Ji Hyun starts to lose control of Yi Kyung during the day, which leaves Yi Kyung confused. Yi Kyung takes a stroll on memory lane.

  • Ji Hyun goes on a search to thank the person who cried for her, while Kang searches for the truth about Ji Hyun/Yi Kyung.

  • Her 49 days almost halfway over, Ji Hyun faces the very possible reality that no one around her truly loves her.

  • Ji Hyun's father's brain tumor worsens, prompting him to write up a new will leaving the company to Min Ho.

  • Yi Kyung's presence at Min Ho's home unsettles In Jung. Meanwhile, Han Kang can't forget Yi Kyung despite firing her.

  • Ji Hyun becomes Min Ho's housemaid using Yi Kyung's body, but her activities lead to negative consequences for the real Yi Kyung.

  • Han Kang continually butts heads with Yi Kyung, who continually reminds him of Ji Hyun, in an attempt to cover his feelings.

  • Depressed about her reality, the Scheduler takes Ji Hyun shopping to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Min Ho can't shake off a growing attraction towards Yi Kyung.

  • Desperate to thwart Min Ho and In Jung, Ji Hyun races to find her seal. She learns of her best friend and fiance's long history together.

  • Ji Hyun discovers Min Ho and In Jung's affair behind her back, and their schemes against her father's company.

  • Ji Hyun relishes her new body when she possesses Song Yi Kyung. She applies for a job at Han Kang's restaurant.

  • Shin Ji Hyun prepares for her wedding to Kang Min Ho, but an unfortunate accident causes her to end up brain-dead in a coma.