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A Man Called God is the story of Korean-born Choi Kang-Ta, played by Song II-Guk. Orphaned as a young child, Choi Kang-Ta was adopted by an American family and was raised in America. Once he reaches adulthood, in an effort to seek revenge against those responsible for his Father's death, Kang-Ta returns to Korea where he becomes an international spy who is partnered with the strikingly beautiful, yet jealous and deceitful, Vivian, played by Han Go Eun. Kang-Ta and Vivian work brilliantly as a team as they successfully complete many missions. However, Vivian betrays Kang-Ta, and he is critically wounded. He is nursed back to health by a compassionate and beautiful investigative journalist, Jin Bo-bae, played by acress Han Chae-young. As Bo-bae and Kang-Ta become closer, he starts to fall in love with her, but Bo-bae's heart belongs to Hwang Woo-hyun, played by actor Kim Min-jong. Woo-hyun, a powerful force at the Korean Central Intelligence agency and Hwanglim Group empire heir, becomes jealous and initiates action to have Bo-bae extinguished.

A Man Called God is based on a 1999 comic book written by Bong-seong Park. The series is directed by Hyeong-seon Lee, who also directed the 2006 comedy, Mudori. The show's lead actor, Song II-Guk, is known for his award-winning performances in The Kingdom of the Wind, The Book of Three Han, and Sea God.

The series begins episode 1 with a recap of Kang-Ta's horrific recollections of watching the brutal murders of his parents. As the show quickly moves to Kang-Ta as an adult, he is depicted as a brilliant-minded spy with a heart full of revenge. The first episode introduces the key characters Woo-hyun, Vivian, and Bo-bae. Other characters are also introduced who have pivotal roles in future episodes.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
March 6, 2010
Cast: Il-guk Song, Jin-Woong Cho
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A Man Called God Full Episode Guide

  • The final showdown between Peter Pan and Woo-hyeon affects everyone around them, for better and for worse.

  • Jang-mi learns the truth from Bo-bae and learns something more shocking in her own house.

  • Chairman Jang loses the control and shares of his company to his former partners.

  • Woo-hyeon and Jang Ho use Vivian as bait to catch Peter Pan.

  • Jang Ho finds out about Vivian's true nature as Michael's spy.

  • Woo-hyeon captures Peter Pan and promises his father that he will kill him and Mi-soo together.

  • Bo-bae finds out the identity of Peter Pan's sister. Peter Pan shows up before Mi-soo.

  • Peter Pan poisons Woo-hyeon, but his plans for revenge go awry with a trap set by his enemies.

  • Woo-hyeon finds Peter Pan's sister, who was believed to be dead by the fire years ago. Jang Ho proposes to Vivian.

  • Peter Pan disguises himself to counter-attack his enemies, and sets Woo-hyeon up in a trap.

  • Michael is shot by Woo-hyeon and is falsely accused in the murder of Justice Lee.

  • Triggered by her jealousy, Vivian betrays Peter Pan and reveals his identity.

  • Woo-hyeon asks Michael if he is willing to cooperate in catching Peter Pan. Vivian overhears a shocking fact between Chairman Jang and Bo-bae's mother.

  • Woo-hyeon fails to catch Michael and is trapped by the bombs he set up.

  • Out of jealousy, Vivian makes Bo-bae the target of Chairman Jang.

  • Woo-hyeon is assured that Peter Pan is Choi Kang-ta who was adopted to the United States 25 years ago.

  • Michael threatens Justice Lee to arrest Chairman Jang. Michael and Bo-bae have a bonding moment, which makes Vivian furious.

  • Bo-bae informs Woo-hyeon that she saw Chairman Jang's secretary while she was kidnapped but Woo-hyeon lies to her about the secretary's whereabouts.

  • In accordance to his revenge, Vivian seduces Jang Ho, while Michael approaches Jang Mi. But Michael also cuts off contact with his team to be with Bo-bae

  • Michael anonymously sends a message to Chairman Jang that he is the one who killed Chairman Kang and warns him to watch out.

  • When Bo-bae is about to fall off from a horse, both Michael and Woo-hyeon run to save her. Vivian starts to feel jealous of Bo-bae.

  • Woo-hyeon picks up Bo-bae and tells her that the person meeting with Chairman Kang on the yacht wasn't who they think he is.

  • Michael trains himself for revenge against his father's killers. While carrying out his mission to kill Chairman Kang, he runs into Bo-bae, a young, fearless reporter.

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