Are You Human Too?

In this science-fiction drama, a scientist builds a very life-like android to take the place of her son when she loses the real boy. That creates a very tense situation as the nearly-human robot has to pretend to be a real boy.

1 Season, 18 Episodes
June 4, 2018
Cast: Seung-Yeon Gong

Are You Human Too? Full Episode Guide

  • Both Shin and Shin III struggle with Professor Oh's sacrifice, and Shin III keeps to his rules over his own good. But Seo Jong Gil turns the game on its head, and threatens the happy ending they've all wanted.

  • Nam Shin III and the dream of M City are revealed to the world, leaving Shin and Jong Gil in precarious spots. But when word of the kill switch gets out, the game threatens more than just a robot's life.

  • Shin's chaotic game of revenge runs on at Shin III's expense, who finds himself unable to fight back. Meanwhile, Seo Jong Gil lays the groundwork for his scheme, and brings Shin to a startling discovery.

  • Young Hoon tries to get Shin readjusted to daily life again, but Shin has other plans, none of which include blurring the line between his and his counterpart's actions and personalities until it serves him.

  • As the situation begins to cool down, Nam Shin instead chooses to play a dangerous game, one where he willingly shows his hand and gets close to his enemies.

  • Professor Oh deals with the reality of her robot son being capable of living in human society, independent from her. But after Nam Shin's stunt with Seo Jong Gil, her world is turned upside-down.

  • The world closes in on Professor Oh as the dilemma with the kill switch draws nearer. But the more they try to hide the growing Nam Shin problem, the closer the devilish Seo Jong Gil comes to finding it.

  • Nam Shin III's face-off with Executive Director Seo's mysterious man comes to a dangerous conclusion. With Nam Shin III's growing free will, Professor Oh is pushed further to make the ultimate choice.

  • In the wake of Kang So Bong's departure, Nam Shin III deals with unexpected errors in his perception and behavior. Meanwhile, his wedding day arrives, but Executive Director Seo has other plans.

  • Despite having to keep Nam Shin III's identity a secret, Ye Na keeps letting out her agitation with him. Executive Director Seo's mysterious man closes in on Nam Shin III's secret.

  • So Bong's world is turned upside down when she realizes Nam Shin's personality isn't the only thing different about him. Chairman Nam comes up with a polarizing idea to help PK Group save face.

  • Nam Shin III comes out of the fire and is lauded as a hero, and Kang So Bong appears in front of him, indebted. Executive Director Seo's hitman in the Czech Republic closes in on the human, and defenseless, Nam Shin.

  • Thrust into the world of his human counterpart, Nam Shin III shakes things up at PK Group and risks his facade. Kang So Bong chases justice when she finds out she was duped, but how will Nam Shin III deal with her when he's never met her before?

  • After losing her son, a genius engineer builds herself a robotic replacement. Her true son comes looking for her years later, but will he be ready for the truth?