Bride of the Century

This Korean drama revolves around a wealthy family and their romantic misadventures. Legend has it that the Choi family is cursed, and that the first bride of the family's eldest son is fated to die. When the young man is betrothed to a wealthy heiress, she disappears rather than face the curse. An imposter is brought in to fill in for her, and the young man finds himself falling in love with his fake fiancee. The series' 16-episode run aired on the TV Chosun network in 2014.

Sundays, Saturdays 8:00 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes
February 22, 2014
Korean Drama
Cast: Jin-Sung Yang, Hong-ki Lee

Bride of the Century Full Episode Guide

  • As time has passed, relationships heal, get better and some even start over.

  • The truth may be out, but there are still hurdles for Doo Rim and Kang Ju to overcome before they can be together.

  • With everything out in the open will Yi Kyung and her mom just stand by and watch their lives fall apart.

  • Kang Ju is faced with the decision of living his life with someone he hates or possibly destroying everything his family has built.

  • Kang Ju knows there is something weird about Yi Kyung. What will he do when he learns the truth?

  • With Doo Rim's life on the line Yi Hyun runs into danger to save her. Roo Mi doesn't keep her new secret for long.

  • Knowing all the risks that face her, Doo Rim insists on marrying her true love, Kang Ju.

  • Doo Rim can't give up her feelings for Kang Ju so she tries to get him back in her life.

  • The break-up is hard on both sides, but Kang Ju can't risk the person he loves.

  • Things get a little crazy as Kang Ju tells Yi Kyung that he has decided to call off the wedding.

  • Doo Rim's job may have come to an end as the real Yi Kyung has finally come back.

  • By trying to help a friend Doo Rim may end up getting the wedding she is trying so hard to keep going, cancelled.

  • Time is passing but there is still no sign of the real Yi Kyung. How long can Doo Rim keep up her act?

  • Na Doo Rim agrees to pretend to be Jang Yi Kyung, the fiancee of Choi Kang Ju, to pay her grandmother's hospital bills.

  • Na Doo Rim's uncanny resemblance to the fiancee of Taeyang Group's Choi Kang Ju may end up being her way out of her financial troubles.

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