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Car Fix is a vehicle restoration show on Velocity TV. Various types of cars, trucks and other vehicles are restored, modified and enhanced dramatically. Hosts Jared Zimmerman and Lou Santiago offer their flavorful personalities and earned mechanical expertise to ensure accurate, fun information. Trendsetting industry performance products are highlighted. Emphasis is placed on the fact that most restorations and modifications can be performed at home, by relative novices, with proper instruction, equipment, tools, money and effort.

Friday 8:30 PM et/pt on VELOCITY
7 Seasons, 96 Episodes
March 3, 2012
Automotive, Reality
Cast: Lou Santiago, Jared Zimmerman
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Car Fix Full Episode Guide

  • Jared and Lou become one of the first to take a Z06 LT4 drivetrain with an 8 speed Transmission and put it in low number Monte Carlo Aerocoupe.

  • How do you fit twin turbo's under the hood of a Fox Body Mustang? Install a Tubular front end with a new K-member setup. Jared and Lou makes some sparks and show you how to save 40 pounds of weight on the front end.

  • Jared and Lou find a Detomaso Pantera that has been sitting for almost 20 years and get the project headed in the right direction. They install an all new cooling setup. Drop in a recondition fuel tank and install a period correct engine and transmission.

  • CarFix will show you how to convert a GMC Jimmy from a 4-wheel drive set up to an AWD truck.

  • The guys from CAR FIX are looking to break a quarter mile record with a Porsche 991. They install upgraded turbos, intercooler, exhaust and a ton more with the hope of getting the Porsche to run in the 9's.

  • Jared and Lou give a 1966 GTO a mini restoration which includes suspension, steering, big brakes, and new upgraded wheels and tires.

  • What is a vintage Ford Cammer engine doing in an 05 Saleen? You'll find out on this episode of CarFix.

  • It's time to ride! Jared and Lou take the LS turbocharged, Pro Touring Camaro and see some sights from Darlington, SC to Charlotte, NC on the final legs of the 2018 Hot Rod Power Tour.

  • Jared and Lou take a 1968 Pro Touring Camaro with a turbocharged LS engine and get it ready to ride in the Hot Rod Power Tour. They mini tub the rearend for larger tires, install a four-link suspension in the back and create a one-off custom exhaust.

  • Jared and Lou show us how important subframe connectors can be on a convertible IROC.

  • EGT's are important when it comes to making horsepower. Jared and Lou do a little experiment on a Shelby GT 500 to see how much lower they can get engine temps with water-methanol injection.

  • Lou and Jared bolt on an Italian exhaust to give the front engine of the 575 Ferrari the proper sound.

  • Did you know that G Series Vans have the same drivetrain as a C10 Truck. Jared and Lou are going to show you how the truck parts cross-over to van parts.

  • Jared and Lou found a friend who has way to much horsepower on his VW GTI and burnt out his clutch. So they pull out the transmission on make the fix.

  • Jared and Lou finish installing the new Hemi engine in the 300C and upgrade the brakes on a 64' F100.

  • It's a good ol Hemi Swap on CarFix. The 2005 300C goes from a 5.7L factory engine to a stroked out 6.4L

  • Eleven-time motorcycle champion, Rickey Gadson, stops by to have Jared and Lou do some custom fabrication on his next record setting bike.

  • On Car Fix today, the owner of a Ferrari F430 wants more. Lou and Jared dial the Ferrari up, giving it an entirely new sound -- and an all new look. Wait to see and hear this thing going down the half mile track!

  • How do you get a new gen Camaro Z28 ready for the race track? Add 120 horsepower with a supercharger kit. Jared and Lou answer this question and more today on CarFix.

  • If you've ever wondered what it takes to get 5-Lug Disc brakes on a Fox Body Mustang, Jared and Lou show you the entire process today on Car Fix.

  • Time to hit the dyno on CarFix. Jared and Lou take a stock Manual EcoBoost Mustang and make massive horsepower gains with an upgraded Turbo kit.

  • All this IROC owner wants to do is a burnout for his girls, and Jared and Lou are going to make it happen. Watch as Car Fix shows how to make real power with an original 305 engine.

  • From prototype Camaro No. 1 to the latest 2017 Copo Camaro, you'll see 50 years of Camaros today on Car Fix.

  • Jared and Lou prove that you make massive power with a Diesel Sedan. Lou fabricates an intercooler and a larger turbo on a vintage Mercedes 300D, while Jared takes a BMW 335D and adds an ECU upgrade with turbos.

  • Jared and Lou take out a donor LS Engine.

  • A brake job becomes an entire suspension rebuild when Jared and Lou take a closer look at a '65 Barracuda.

  • Jared and Lou find an owner who wants to turn a stock Mercedes Benz E550 into a Black Series EClass AMG which doesn't exist. They convert the Benz with all new widebody kit and take out the factory twin turbos to put on new AMG turbos.

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