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Crime Squad is a drama television show. It is a crime show with detectives, and homicide in it. The main characters in the show are a group of detectives. The group of detectives are in the Seoul Gangnam Police Homicide Division. They solve crimes that are based on real life cases. They all have different skills, and different methods on how to investigate these crimes. The head of the team is a detective named Park Se Hyuk. The commanding chief on this team is Jung Il Do. Park Se Hyuk is impulsive, he tends to act before he thinks. Jung Il Do is uses his knowledge of crime he learned from his father who was a legendary theif. He also draws on his experience for the streets as a child, to help solve crimes the team gets. He also wants to find his father, and stand up to his brother who is crooked detective. This team has unique people, and special skills that they use to help them solve the crimes they investigate.

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes
March 7, 2011
Korean Drama
Cast: Seung-hee Baek, So-yeong Choo, Lee El, Evan
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Crime Squad Full Episode Guide

  • Se Hyeok and Jo Sangtae are kidnapped in an effort to keep a dark secret. The team must save Se Hyeok and break one of the biggest scandals in their lives.

  • A link in the serial killer case and a case from the past leads Se Hyeok to a possible break in what really caused the death his daughter.

  • Taesik thinks he knows the killers next target but can he save her in time and can the team stop the murderer from killing again.

  • Jo Sangtae's alibi checks out but what does it have to do with Jo Minju. A new case arises, this time a serial killer targeting call girls.

  • Jo Sangtae is found meeting with ex-captain Gwon, he claims his innocence but who would frame a guy who just got out of jail.

  • The day that a master theif is released from jail a crime is committed using his signature style... this can't be coincidence, can it?

  • In trying to find the Park Euna, Jo Minju is kidnapped and now Se Hyeok and his team must find 2 people before they run out of time.

  • The team looks to sovle the case of a missing young woman before they run out of time.

  • Det. Jin dies while working on her own... The team must find out why she died as this suicide case has turned even more deadly.

  • Just as we thought things where rapping up on the 'Romeo and Juliet' case things get even more interesting and deadly.

  • The team is involved in a high school suicide that is more than meets the eye. Det. Jin seems to take a personal interest in this case.

  • Its been a long time but Se hyeok will unknowingly be forced to meet his ex-wife on of all things a murder case.

  • The team tries to find the killer responsible for the brutal murder of a doctor. Se Hyeok has a hunch but he needs more proof to catch the killer.

  • As Se Hyeok is recovering from his injuries Jo Minju continues to look for her big story that leads to the two crossing paths again.

  • Se Hyeok's team must rescue the new captain from a criminal seeking revenge and he tries to save an officer kidnapped by Lee Dongseok.

  • Detective Se Hyeok must decide about this future as an officer and is forced to deal with a person from his past.

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