Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

The film entitled Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang is about two very good friends Chun-Hyang and Mong-ryong who are both high school students. Moon-ryong is a young man whose father is a famous police officer. He causes a lot of trouble in his school and even bullies other students so his father decides to send him to another school out of Seoul far away in the province. When he gets to his new school, he meets a girl called Chung-hyang and takes awkward pictures of her.

After this encounter the two become very good friends. However, Mong-ryong sometimes intimidates Chun-hyang such that she becomes scared of him and falls sick as a result. He starts feeling guilty and decides to go and apologize to her. While at Chun-hyang's house he accidentally drinks a bottle of wine thinking it is juice after which he gets drunk and falls asleep on her bed. The two share the bed till morning but though nothing happens between them, their friends decide to make stories about what happened and in order to save themselves the shame decide to get married.

Later, they fall in love but their joy is short lived as Mong-ryong's ex-girlfriend comes back to make him unhappy when she hears of his marriage. A guy known as Byun also starts developing feelings for Chun-hyang. When Chun-hyang realizes all that is going on she runs away to Seoul. She lies to Mong-ryong and his father that she is going to University whereas she did not even have any money for tuition.

Many years later, Mong-ryong becomes the chief prosecutor in Seoul and Chung-hyang the owner of a company. At the end Mong-ryong meets Chun-hyang at a wedding after which the two reconcile and remarry.

1 Season, 17 Episodes
January 2, 2005
Comedy, Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Chae-young Han, Hee Jae, Tae-woong Eom, Si-eun Park

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang Full Episode Guide

  • The tape of Mong Ryong's alleged attack gets released, but Mr. Byun shows the unedited footage and admits it was a setup.

  • Mong Ryong and Choon Hyang reunite and he tries his best to keep her in Korea.

  • Years have passed. Mong Ryong has become a district attorney. Mr. Byun pretends he and Choon Hyang got married and she is living in Japan, but she is really living under their radar in Korea.

  • Mong Ryong and Choon Hyang finalize their divorce. Chae Rin gives up on getting Mong Ryong back after she sees how horribly Mr. Byun acted.

  • Choon Hyang and Mong Ryong decide to have their wedding. Mr. Byun hires actors and makes it looks like Mong Ryong attacked a woman, to keep him away from Choon Hyang.

  • Choon Hyang and Mong Ryong share their first real kiss. Chae Rin steals Choon Hyang's jewelry ideas and passes them as her own, so Choon Hyang is forced to pay a hefty fine.

  • Choon Hyang stops seeing Mr. Byun because she finally decides she is in love with Mong Ryong. Mr. Byun's entertainment company buys the rights to her jewelry designs without her knowledge.

  • Chae Rin and Mr. Byun decide to reap the benefits of Choon Hyang and Mong Ryong's break up. Choon Hyang starts going on dates with Mr. Byun, but Mong Ryong refuses to give up on her.

  • Choon Hyang opens her own fashion accessory store, thanks to the anonymous help of Mong Ryong's father. Chae Rin's company buys the rights to Choon Hyang's necklace design for Mr. Byun's movie.

  • Chae Rin gives Mong Ryong an ultimatum and tells him he needs to end things with Choon Hyang if he wants to keep seeing her, but he decides to stay with Choon Hyang instead.

  • Mong Ryong sells his father's precious sword to help Choon Hyang out of a mess, but winds up having to move in with her and her mother to avoid his father's punishment.

  • Choon Hyang leaves Mong Ryong's parents' house. Her mother disappears after losing Choon Hyang's life savings in a scam, which makes her unable to pay for college on her own.

  • Choon Hyang wants to pay for college herself, and refuses to take money from Mong Ryong's family. She catches him and Chae Rin kissing and decides to break up with Mong Ryong.

  • Choon Hyang helps Mong Ryong get into the same college as Chae Rin, but she's less happy about it once she sees how close they have gotten.

  • Choon Hyang helps Mong Ryong get better grades in school. The two accidentally kiss during a school performance of Romeo and Juliet.

  • Despite the concerted effort by their parents and teacher to keep them out of trouble, the entire school finds out that Lee Mong Ryong and Choon Hyang spent a night together.

  • Lee Mong Ryong transfers from a school in the city to a school in the countryside where he meets a fiesty girl named Choon Hyang.

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