Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School

The television series Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School follows a group of investigators as they check out everything that goes on at the high school. Some of the issues they have to solve has to deal with bullying, helping girls cope with abortions, and teen suicide.

1 Season, 14 Episodes
December 16, 2014
Cast: Seung-Yun Lee

Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School Full Episode Guide

  • The final episode. Chae Yool has found 'Devil's Script' and uses it to confront Mr. Ha about his relationship with Mi Rae and his involvement in her suicide.

  • Chae Yool believes that she is about to unveil the mystery of Mr. Ha and his deceased former pupil, if only she can find a crucial piece of evidence shrouded in riddles.

  • While the detectives struggle to keep the relationship between Soo Yun and Eun Bin under wraps, they have to investigate their own feelings about homosexuality.

  • A mysterious entity known as Chrysanthemum is airing the dirty laundry of students at Seonam. When the detectives are forcibly disbanded, who will stand up for their classmates?

  • The case of the Mat Na Dang Bakery food-poisoner concludes. Every suspect seems to have an alibi, but someone must be lying. Additionally, Mi Do's misrepresentation to Joon is starting to make things a bit awkward for the detectives.

  • When Mat Na Dang Bakery brings their famous rose bread to Seonam High, the student body is thrilled. However, their colons soon rebel. Who tampered with the rose bread? Will Seonam High have enough toilet paper?

  • The Detectives help a young pair resolve a sorrowful case. In the meantime, Ahn Chae Yool starts investigating Mr. Ha.

  • A model student asks the Detectives to investigate the theft of her cherished doll, however this innocent case leads to a darker mystery.

  • The Detectives get to the bottom of a shooting in an art gallery, but what Ahn Cha Yool discovers in the aftermath could endanger them even more.

  • Following the shooting at an art gallery, Ahn Chae Yool and the Detectives set out to discover who the shooter is, and make a serious gamble in the process.

  • Ahn Chae Yool and the Detectives crack the case of Oh Hae Nee's bully, bringing them one step closer to getting information on the Biting Man.

  • The detectives find out that a girl in their class is being bullied, and they are determined to get to the bottom of the latest incident. Meanwhile, a surprising visitor arrives for Ahn Chae Yool.

  • Ahn Chae Yool begrudgingly allies with the Seonam Girls' High Detectives to search for the Biting Man, with an assist from an unexpected source.

  • Brilliant high school student Ahn Chae Yool transfers to a new school, where she is accosted by a group of amateur detectives looking for her to join their club.