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"Easy Fortune Happy Life" is a romantic comedy about an herbalist and a hunter who end up falling in love and the hunter's granddaughter. The granddaughter, a nurse, ends up being the main character of the show and she has to go through many different dramatic adventures and misadventures, with her dog at her side.

Anyone who enjoys comedy that has adventure, drama and a touch of romance thrown in will enjoy watching Easy Fortune Happy Life. It can be classified as a soap opera with many different plot twists and turns; it will always keep viewers on their toes and wondering exactly what will happen next.

1 Season, 27 Episodes
June 6, 2009
Chinese Drama
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Easy Fortune Happy Life Full Episode Guide

  • The next day, when Fu An and Pi Dan prepare to leave the house for Fuman Mountain, Da Feng proposes again.

  • Da Feng goes back to Fuman Mountain to deal with Shan Lao Shu, who caused Chun Xiang to lose her life in the fire.

  • Fu An worries about the typhoon at Fuman Mountain and calls the village head for an update on the situation.

  • Zhen Zhen encounters Da Feng in the hospital and confesses to him about her deeds.

  • When Da Feng reaches home, he finds Fu An missing and calls his aunt for help. He realizes that the antrodia was found.

  • While everyone is busy watching the press conference about Da Feng's promotion, Pi Dan sneaks into Da Feng's room and looks for the mystery present.

  • Seeing Dong Jie with a high fever, Ken asks Fu An for help. When Dong Jie finds out that Fu An took care of him, he is embarrassed.

  • After all the ups and downs, Fu An and Da Feng are finally getting married and beginning their journey of creating an empire together.

  • The villagers lend a helping hand selling the Tonghua products, and it manages to stir up competition between Da Feng and Dong Jie.

  • Da Feng and Fu An go up Fuman Mountain for their wedding photo shoot and to visit her grandmother.

  • Yan Da Feng coopeates with the police to catch the thiefs.

  • Yan Da Feng holds a press conference.

  • Yan Da Feng goes back to his ruthless and cruel ways.

  • Pi Dan finds the mystery gift and unveils an ugly truth.

  • Jiang Zhen Zhen prepares a mystery gift for Pi Dan.

  • For the sake of Fu An's happiness, Da Feng refuses to get married. The entire Yan family think of ways for Da Feng to change his mind.

  • Just when everything seems to be going well for the Yan family, more challenges lie ahead for Fu An and Da Feng.

  • Yan Da Feng's secret lover Jiang Zhen Zhen is pulling all kinds of tricks to get rid of any one who gets in the way of Da Feng's pursuit of Fu An.

  • It's Xie Pi Dan's school's family day, but everyone is running late. Will Yan Da Feng be able to keep his promise to Xie Pi Dan and Xie Fu An?

  • The entire Yan family gets involved in preparing for Xie Pi Dan's school's family day. Xie Fu An discovers something about Yan Da Feng's past in the process.

  • Xie Fu An works hard to develop a new product with her Grandma's perscription but encounters a major setback. Yan Da Feng vows to take this opportunity to make Xie Fu An fall for him.

  • Xie Fu An joins Ba Bao Tang's research and development team. Yan Da Feng gets an opportunity to take advantage of Xie Fu An.

  • For the sake of the NT$80 billion inheritance, Yan Yun Gao's family members suck up to Xie Fu An and secretly scheming of ways to reach their goal.

  • Yan Yun Gao's grandson Yan Da Feng turns to gangsters to eliminate the obstacle to inheriting his fortune. While Xie Fu An accidentally befriends a local gangster, Han Dong Jie.

  • Xie Fu An leaves the village to look for her Grandma's first love. Yan Yun Gao makes a surprising announcement on who will inherit his NT$80 billion business.

  • Country girl Xie Fu An saves billionaire Yan Yun Gao's life against the wishes of his heartless family members.

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