Emergency Couple

This dramatic medical television series finds a couple who had married but eventually divorce. Jin Hee and Chang Min surprisingly are reunited a few years later when they are both interns at the same hospital. Before her marriage, Jin Hee loved to laugh. However her marriage to Chang Min totally changed her as her new husband quickly changed from the man she fell in love with. Jin Hee had no choice but to divorce. While this ending left her bitter and unhappy, Jin Hee decided to enroll in medical school.

The husband in this is Chang Min who quickly caught Jin Hee

Friday 8:40 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 21 Episodes
January 24, 2014
Korean Drama
Cast: Ji-Hyo Song, Choi Jin-Hyuk, Pil-mo Lee, Yeo-jin Choi

Emergency Couple Full Episode Guide

  • The aftermath of the latest spat with Professor Ahn helps Chief Gook to realize some of his feelings. Chang Min and Jin Hee start to think about their future.

  • While things seem to be going smooth between Jin Hee and Chang Min, the hospital is hectic when Professor Ahn and Chief Gook argue over a patient.

  • Jin Hee decides her feelings for Chang Min are something she wants to pursue.

  • Chang Min and his mother struggle to overcome the sudden loss of his father. Jin Hee comes to realize her true feelings.

  • The passing of Chang Min's father hits everyone hard. Chief gets reprimanded for his altercation in the ER.

  • Chang Min's father's life hangs on a very thin line. Yong Gyu contemplates quitting becoming a doctor.

  • Chang Min finally realizes how much Jin Hee suffered after their divorce. Chief becomes close to a child patient that reminds him of his younger self.

  • Though Chang Min is clear about his intentions towards Jin Hee, his feelings may be one-sided.

  • Chang Min forces Jin Hee to stay at his place so she can recover faster, but also as an excuse to spend more time together.

  • Chang Min continues his quest to rekindle the feelings he and Jin Hee once had for each other. Chief Gook has to deal with past feelings of his own.

  • Chang Min attempts to become closer to Jin Hee again. Chang Min's mother insists that he gets married to Ah Reum.

  • Jin Hee and Chief Gook start to become closer, both inside and outside of the hospital. Ah Reum continues to pursue Chang Min.

  • The consequences from the elevator surgery continue to follow Jin Hee and has her questioning if she still wants to be a doctor.

  • Jin Hee is assigned to monitor Chang Min's mother when she's admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jin Hee and Chang Min's elevator surgery has consequences that affect the ER.

  • Stepping up to try and save a patients life could come back to hurt Jin Hee. Chang Min learns the truth about Ah Reum's identity.

  • Jin Hee's impulse decision almost costs Chang Min his life. An unexpected power outage in the hospital threatens the life of a patient.

  • They couldn't stay married for a year, can Jin Hee and Chang Min work at the same hospital for a year?

  • After a messy divorce, Oh Jin Hee and Oh Chang Min reunite six years later in a very unexpected way.