Fated To Love You

Fated to Love You is a Taiwanese romantic comedy television drama series. The show was written by Chen Xin Yi, Pan Yiqun and Du Xinyi, and directed by Chen Ming Zhang. Fated to Love You stars Bianca Bai, Baron Chen, Joe Chen and Ethan Juan. The show received six nominations at the Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan in 2008, and won for Best Television Series and Best Marketing Program.

The series stars Chen Xin Yi, played by Joe Chen. Chen is an office worker with little sense of style who wishes that her boyfriend would marry her. In an effort to keep her relationship alive, Chen embarks on a romantic cruise. Aboard the ship, she meets Ji Cun Xi, played by Ethan Juan, who is a rich businessman and inheritor of a large soap manufacturing firm. Ji had booked the cruise hoping to ask his steady girlfriend, Anna, played by Bianca Bai, to marry him, but she never boarded the vessel. Anna, a professional dancer, had elected to join a world tour instead of taking the cruise with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Chen and Ji end up accidentally sleeping together aboard the ship.

The two promise each other to never speak about their night together again and carry on as if nothing happened. Chen eventually discovers that she is pregnant with Ji's child, and Ji's grandmother insists that he marry her. Chen and Ji slowly grow to love each other. One day, Chen gets into a car accident and loses the baby. She then decides to move to Shanghai to escape the drama surrounding Ji and his family, but soon comes to understand that she was in love with Ji all along.

Fated to Love You premiered in March 2008 on Taiwan Television (TTV) to high ratings. The series ran for 24 episodes. Each episode ran for 90 minutes. Fated to Love You is a production of Sanlih E-Television (SET). The show was filmed in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan.

1 Season, 27 Episodes
March 15, 2008
Cast: Ethan Juan, Joe Chen, Chu-he Chen, Bianca Bai

Fated To Love You Full Episode Guide

  • Everyone gets a happy ending in 'Fated to you Love.'

  • Ji Cun Xi and Chen Xin Yi's relationship gets closer.

  • Ji Cun Xi gets caught pretending to be blind.

  • Ji Cun Xi wants to reunite with Chen Xin Yi. Anna reunites with her brother.

  • Anna gets into an accident.

  • Ji Cun Xi finds out about the abortion agreement and chases after Chen Xin Yi

  • Anson thinks Ji Cun Xi has cold feet, thus he takes Ji Cun Xi to a nightclub.

  • Chen Xin Yi goes back home to Taiwan.

  • Chen Xin Yi designs the soap container for 'Inheritance'.

  • Chen Xin Yi and Ji Cun Xi reunite.

  • Ji Cun Xi buys Chen Xin Yi's first artwork "Ji Nian Pian" at B.Z. Gallery.

  • Mi Young had the successful debut of her exhibition with Daniel. Gun was completely jealous that she was with Daniel.

  • Chen Xin Yi moves to Shanghai with Dylan to start over with her life.

  • Mi Young was absolutely confused with the situation that she decided to leave Korea with Daniel.

  • Ji Cun Xi must decide between Chen Xin Yi and Anna.

  • Ji Cun Xi finds that Chen Xin Yi almost had a miscarriage.

  • Anna finds out that Chen Xin Yi is Ji Cun Xi's wife.

  • Ji Cun Xi and Chen Xin Yi attend a charity auction at the Megalith Art Gallery, meanwhile Anna returns to Taiwan.

  • Ji Cun Xi agreed to celebrate Chen Xin Yi's and his birthday together, meanwhile Anna plans to fly back for Cun Xi's birthday.

  • Chen Xin Yi and her sister are kidnapped by Chief Executive Zhu.

  • Ji Cun Xi's attitude towards Chen Xin Yi slowly begins to change.

  • Chen Xin Yi moves into Ji Cun Xi's mansion but faces harsh treatment from Ji Chun Xi.

  • Chen Xin Yi and Ji Chun Xi agrees to get married for the sake of their baby. But more troubles lie ahead.

  • The cat's out of the bag, as Chen Xin Yi's family and Ji Chun Xi's grandma finds out about her pregnancy.

  • Former owners of Wu Liu Liu factory blackmails Ji Chun Xi with scandalous pictures and forces him to meet with them at Jiang Mu Island.

  • As fate would have it, two strangers, Chen Xin Yi and Ji Cun Xi cross path on a cruise and spends an intimate night together.