Fight My Way

In this romantic drama series, a group of friends struggle to get ahead in life and love, despite the fact that everyone around them thinks their under-qualified for their careers. Their personal lives are a bit of a problem, too. The series debuted in 2017 on Korea's KBS network.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
May 22, 2017
Cast: Seo-Joon Park, Ji-won Kim, Jae-hong Ahn, Ha-yoon Song

Fight My Way Full Episode Guide

  • All four friends deal with their separate situations and figure out what their futures will be.

  • Dongman is torn between his dream and his relationship once again and faces a difficult decision.

  • Aera chooses between two career paths. The day of Dongman and Taksu's fight arrives.

  • Juman has a hard time adjusting to life without Seolhui. Dongman prepares for his match with Taksu despite Aera's worries.

  • Seolhui reaches her breaking point with Juman. Dongman attempts to connect with his father.

  • Namil Villa gains a new tenant. Aera and Dongman go on their first date.

  • Juman and Seolhui's relationship begins to crumble. Hyeran goes out of her way to one-up Aera again.

  • After his first success, Dongman buys presents for his family and friends. Seolhui and Juman's relationship is revealed at work.

  • Seolhui decides to handle Yejin's crush on Juman herself. Aera and Dongman both progress toward their dreams.

  • Dongman feels guilty when he finds out what Coach Hwang is sacrificing for him. Aera discovers something shocking about Moobin.

  • Aera gets closer to landing the announcer job. A party with Juman's family isn't fun for Seolhui.

  • Aera begins to date Moobin despite misgivings. Coach Hwang advises Dongman against competing so early.

  • Dongman commits to returning to martial arts. Juman and Seolhui fight over her treatment at work.

  • Aera is excited when an announcer position opens at her company. Soelhui worries about her coworker liking Juman.

  • Aera does a favor for an old classmate. Despite himself, Dongman ends up fighting again.

  • Aera chooses between two career paths. The day of Dongman and Taksu's fight arrives.