Flower Boy Ramen Shop

This comedy series follows the exploits of a group of popular young men who run a ramen shop and the romantic hijinks that ensure between them and a perky young female student who frequents the shop. The series ran for 16 episodes in 2011 on the tvN network.

Monday & Tuesday 11:00 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes
October 31, 2011
Comedy, Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Il-Woo Jung, Chung-ah Lee, Ki-woo Lee, Ye-Won Kim

Flower Boy Ramen Shop Full Episode Guide

  • Dong Joo's upcoming wedding prompts everyone to admit their true feelings. Chi Soo's father has one more card up his sleeve to separate the two lovers.

  • As Eun Bi and the boys celebrate Christmas, Cha Chi Soo struggles against his father, and Eun Bi decides to put her feelings on the line.

  • Chi Soo's father offers Kang Hyuk an ultimatum that will help him take Eun Bi away from Chi Soo.

  • Sick of all their games, Eun Bi agrees to openly date Chi Soo and Kang Hyuk.

  • Eun Bi mulls over the possibility of Chi Soo and Kang Hyuk being half-brothers as the Flower boys gather round to make kimchi.

  • Eun Bi doesn't want to play games with Chi Soo, but Chi Soo and Kang Hyuk openly agree to fight for Eun Bi's love.

  • Kang Hyuk's actions towards Eun Bi forces Chi Soo to come to terms with his own feelings - and possibly act on his own desires.

  • Kang Hyuk pairs off the team into pairs to develop a new recipe for the shop.

  • In exchange for pretending to be her boyfriend, Eun Bi must be at Chi Soo's beck and call.

  • Flower Boy Ramen Shop is officially in business! But a former ex puts a twist in Eun Bi's relationships with Kang Hyuk and Chi Soo.

  • Eun Bi's severe constipation makes Chi Soo think she'll commit suicide. Kang Hyuk has a plan on how to revive Eun Bi's Snack Shop.

  • Chi Soo doesn't understand the concept of anger. Eun Bi hands off responsibility of the shop to Kang Hyuk.

  • Eun Bi takes revenge on Chi Soo by attacking his insecurities and vanity. However, insulting him has a price.

  • A new stranger arrives in town, and he claims to be Eun Bi's husband.

  • Eun Bi is in the shock of her life when she finds that she must teach Chi Soo's class, and comes face to face with her estranged father.

  • Cha Chi Soo returns from the States, but is forced to go back to high school. He bumps into a bitter grad student, Yang Eun Bi.