Fool's Love

In this South Korean drama series, Kang Go Hoo has never forgotten his first love, a girl named Do Hee. She has since gone on to fame and fortune since they knew each other in high school and has become a celebrity as a member of Korea's national swim team. Fate intervenes and both of their lives are destined to change when Kang Go Hoo and Do Hee run into one another again after an absence of seven years.

Monday 11:00 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes
February 9, 2015
Korean Drama

Fool's Love Full Episode Guide

  • The identity of Do Hee's dead friend is revealed. A year later, much has changed in Do Hee, Ho Goo, and Kang Chul's lives.

  • The parents grapple with the truth about Do Hee, Ho Goo, and Kang Chul's relationship with each other. Kang Chul seeks help on how change his sexual identity.

  • After the surprise kiss, Ho Goo tries to ignore Do Hee and her flirtations as much as possible. Ho Kyung tries to come to terms with Kang Chul's sexuality.

  • Ho Kyung finally stumbles upon Kang Chul, Do Hee, and Ho Goo all together, and the truth is slowly revealed.

  • The adoptive parents finally arrive to pick up the baby, just as Do Hee's contract with her agency is brought up for review.

  • Ho Goo does his best to involve Kang Chul with Do Hee and the baby's matters, but Kang Chul keeps mistaking it as Ho Goo's affection for him.

  • Kang Chul reveals his magical day with Ho Goo. But is it really Ho Goo?

  • Do Hee's coach uses Ho Goo to track down his swimmer, especially when rumors run rampant that she's given birth out of wedlock. Ho Kyung goes on a date with Kang Chul.

  • Despite being there for her, Do Hee pushes Ho Goo away because she doesn't want him to have any attachment to her 'mistake.' Kang Chul deals with a case about a single mother.

  • With Do Hee's water breaking, Ho Goo rushes her to the hospital, only to learn that she has no one to be beside her when she gives birth. Ho Kyung's research attracts the eye of her professor, who has other designs in mind for her bright student.

  • Ho Goo travels to Yeosoo with Do Hee, spending one very eventful night on the beach with her.

  • Ho Goo is hopeless in love, strung along by women who see him as a "brother" rather than a "boyfriend." Luckily for him, he crosses paths with his high school crush, national swimming champion Do Do Hee.