Go Back Couple

In this fantasy romance, a couple gets the chance to relive their relationship from the start after 18 years of being together. Although their relationship in the present is not ideal, the hope is that they'll make a better go of it given a second chance.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 13, 2017
Cast: Na-ra Jang, Ho Joon Son

Go Back Couple Full Episode Guide

  • It's finally time to return home, but can Ban Do and Jin Joo leave their pasts behind and return to their marriage?

  • Jin Joo and Ban Do seem to grow closer to reconciling, but there are a lot of surprises in store for the two and their friends...

  • As Ban Do reflects on where his marriage with Jin Joo went wrong, things heat up between Jin Joo and her Senior Jung.

  • Jin Joo and her friends go on a road trip, while Ban Do and Nam Gil butt heads.

  • Jin Joo solves a mystery from her past, while Ban Do wonders how their lives turned out so differently from what they imagined...

  • While Ahn Jae Woo is plagued by doubts about his girlfriend, Jin Joo and Ban Do team up to stop some of the heartbreak they witnessed in the future.

  • Jin Joo and Ban Do keep butting heads while dating their respective first loves. Can they see what they saw in each other before?

  • Jin Joo's charming senior tries to spend more and more time with her, while Ban Do grows even closer to his first love.

  • A heated conversation that the couple thought was private, was heard all over campus, and is all anyone can talk about.

  • Waking up to discover that they are still in the past, Ban Do tries to set up his family financially and seduce Min Seo Young. Jin Joo reminds Ban Do about their son.

  • An unhappy couple decides to get a divorce on their wedding anniversary. They both wish they could go back in time and marry someone else.