God of Study

This drama is based on a Japanese manga. The story is one of romance and competition. The main character is Kang Suk Ho, a humble lawyer. Kang ends up called back to his old school to help clean up the administration and keep the school from being shut down. After negotiating with the school board he is allowed a single year to solve the problems. Kang tries his best to get the school to turn around.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
January 4, 2010
Korean Drama
Cast: Su-ro Kim, Doona Bae, Yun-a Oh, Seung-ho Yoo

God of Study Full Episode Guide

  • The special class receives their exam scores and figure out what they want to do in the future.

  • During the exam, Baek Hyun's grandmother collapses.

  • Bong Goo, after doing badly on the exams, loses motivation to do well. The kids prepare for the upcoming entrance exams.

  • When Pulip returns from the overnight studying camp, she finds out that her mother has left.

  • When the kids don't get the marks necessary to continue to special class, they have to adjust to being back in their old classes.

  • After Hyun Jung gets heartbroken over Baek Hyun and Pulip, she gets into a bit of trouble.

  • Teacher Chum Sang secretly uses the special class for his advertisements and pushes the school to think about firing Suk Ho.

  • While Suk Ho hires a new Korean teacher to motivate the kids, Soo Jung returns back to school and must get Cha Ki Bong to return as well.

  • The kids prepare for their English exams with their respective teachers. Suk Ho reveals the secret plot of the Wang Bong group.

  • Han Soo Jung challenges her replacement Yum Chum Sang to a competition for the position as English teacher.

  • When Hong Chan Doo's father accuses Suk Ho of fraud, Suk Ho makes a deal with him: if he raises Chan Doo's math score, all charges will be dropped.

  • In order to stay true to his word, Suk Ho finds his former and legendary math teacher, Cha Ki Bong, to teach the special class.

  • Kang Gun Woo inspires his unmotivated students by promising to send the best 100 in his class to Korea's top University.

  • A lawyer with money trouble takes up a teaching job at a nearby floundering high school.