Her Legend

In "Her Legend" Do Jin Hoo (Kim Jeong Hoon) is the handsome and wealthy heir and Planning Director of Shinwa, a famous Korean fashion company. However, his carefree life takes twist when two women enter his life and compete for his affection. One woman is the determined and hard working Eun Jung Soo (Choi Jun Wong).

Her life as an orphan had not been easy, but she put her past behind her and is working her way up the world of luxury handbag design using her sheer determination and talent. Meanwhile, her jealous and beautiful cousin Kim Seo Hyeon/Eun Kyeong Hee (Son Eun Seo), is talented graduate of Parson's Design School who is determined to snag Jin Hoo. Only, her ex, Min Ki, is like an older brother to Jin Hoo, and she's determined not to let Jung Soo win any of their affections.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
August 5, 2013
Family, Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Jeong-won Choi

Her Legend Full Episode Guide

  • Kyung Hee can no longer handle all her lies and Jung Soo meets her birth father.

  • Jung Soo and Kyung Hee continue to stand in each others way as they both prepare for the launch of their new brands.

  • Mrs. Woo finally remembers Jung Soo and things aren't going well for Jin Hoo.

  • Jin Hoo's grandpa is rushed to the hospital and Kyung Hee's secret is revealed.

  • Jung Soo finds a job that is perfect for her career and her plans to destroy Kyung Hee.

  • While still dealing with what her family did, Jung Soo must find a way to move on and get her revenge.

  • After finding out who Mrs. Woo's daughter is, Jung Soo has a hard time dealing with the news.

  • Jung Soo's finds out why she never heard from Mrs. Woo. Shin Hwa finally gets answers regarding the supposedly stolen bag design.

  • Jung Soo thinks she sees Mr. Woo at a department store and asks for help in finding her.

  • An investigation concerning the theft of Jung Soo's design doesn't go her way.

  • Jung Soo's cousin Kyung Ho gets his hand on the money from Kyung Hee. One of Jung Soo's designs is stolen by one of the designers she works for.

  • Kyung Hee and her mother ask Jung Soo to leave her job and Shinhwa. Do Young is slowly starting to regain her memory.

  • When Jung Soo's family comes across some problems with their store she ends up with a better job.

  • Jung Soo applies to be a designer at a company.

  • Do Young is looking for Jung Soo after 8 years. However she doesn't remember what Jung Soo looks like, so Kyung Hee's mother uses this to her and her daughter's advantage.

  • On this episode the accident causes Jung Soo to have to stay with her uncle until her would-be mom, Do Young, wakes from her coma.

  • After escaping the loan sharks Jung Soo makes a connection with the person that saved her Do Young.

  • Due to Eun Jung Soo bad deal she ends up losing her mother and moving in with her uncle's family