I Am Legend

I Am Legend is a sci-fi film featuring Will Smith. The film is based on the novel by Richard Matheson with the same name. This is the third version of this novel, which was written in 1954. Smith portrays a scientist, Robert Neville, who is immune to a man-made virus that was initially created to cure cancer. He is the last man in what remains of New York City, defending himself against mutants that were created by the virus. Not only is he defending himself against these mutants, he is also trying to find a cure for the virus.

These infected victims are only able to appear in the dark and will destroy anything that gets in the way. Neville has been searching for three years for other survivors of the plague by radio scanner. During the day, Neville searches for food and supplies to get him by. His mission is to reverse the virus by using his own blood.

The infected victims lurk around watching Neville

1 Season, 16 Episodes
August 2, 2010
Cast: Jeong-eun Kim

I Am Legend Full Episode Guide

  • With their suddenly busy schedules, the members of the Comeback Madonna Band find themselves running to stay in place and struggling with the band's future.

  • To the band's elation, Tae Hyun announces that the band has secured a spot at the Movie Music Festival. Seol Hee is surprised to learn the identity of the individual who helped her win the case.

  • The Comeback Madonna Band continues to gain attention and progress, while Ji Wook's finally stands up to his mother and refuses to take the case any further.

  • Ji Wook wreaks further havoc on her case by threatening to sue for her involvement. On the bright side, the Comeback Madonna Band makes its debut on the radio.

  • The case that Seol Hee has taken on conflicts with the interests of her ex-in-laws. As a result, Ji Wook's mother conspires with Seung Hye to stop Seol Hee.

  • Seol Hee has a lot on her plate -- she must look for a new guitarist, fend off her ex-husband from interfering on her case, and study the new song Tae Hyun has written for her.

  • The Madonna Band begins to receive interest from the music industry. Seol Hee begins to take on cases during her new position as a law clerk.

  • The Comeback Madonna Band unintentionally becomes a viral video hit, forcing them to do immediate damage control for the negative comments.

  • The verdict is announced, and Seol Hee's moving testimony makes Ji Wook reconsider his situation.

  • Tae Hyun reveals his relationship to Seung Hye. The documentary finally debuts, and the band discusses how to move forward with their music.

  • With Tae Hyun's help, Seol Hee finds a lawyer who will help make a case for her husband's adultery. Ji Wook and Seung Hye's relationship, meanwhile, risks exposure.

  • Seol Hee struggles after a bad day at court, but she is revived at the prospect of the Madonna Band's debut at the Live Cafe.

  • The Madonna Band finds itself the focus of a documentary, and rumors of Seol Hee's divorce finally reaches her friends.

  • Seol Hee prepares for court where she will make her case for divorce. Meanwhile, an opportunity arises for Seol Hee's band, and an old love interest re-enters her life.

  • After her sister suddenly becomes ill, Seol Hee decides to leave her marriage. She takes solace by finally performing with her band in public.

  • Jeon Seol Hee is unhappily married to an aloof and busy attorney. She plays music with her high school friends to escape the exacting demands of her husband and in-laws.

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