I Miss You

I Miss You is a South Korean television soap opera about two young people who love each other and how they need to discover loving each other through difficult circumstances. Lee Soo-yeon is a 15 year old student who deals with constant bullying at school. She is often very much misinterpreted as a weird girl because her father was once a murderer, but clearly she isn't like her father. She finds a guy named Han Jung-woo who is also only 15 years old. The guy finally helps protect her from the bullying, and out of that scary experience, they find love within each other. They felt something that they never experienced in life, which is more of like love at first sight. The both of them soon find themselves kidnapped by people they believe they don't know at all.

They soon realized that the people who kidnapped them were people that one of their father's once fought with regarding money. This caused them to get worried because they knew that people who tried to get revenge will usually kill those which they kidnap in the end. The story then continues on 14 years later with the both of them experiencing a complete loss of love because of not being with each other. 14 years ago they were actually separated, and several people showed him that she was dead after he escaped the brutal kidnapping. He believed that his old girlfriend and lover was still out there. So he decided to become a homicide detective and help others who were once dealing with what he had to go through. Upon trying to find his lost love, he then discovers his life take on a different level of fear as other problems arise to the surface.

He continues to try and find find his love and get back together.

Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 21 Episodes
November 6, 2012
Cast: Vickie Eisenstein

I Miss You Full Episode Guide

  • It's the finale, Jung Woo must save Seon Yeon from Kang Hyung Joon's capture.

  • Jung Woo's stepmother finally reveals to Jung Woo about his relation to Kang Hyung Joon.

  • Jung Woo and his team finds evidence that Harry have also committed a crime in France.

  • Jung Woo and Lee Seo Yeon spent some together after running away from the cops.

  • Harry finally reveals his true evil nature.

  • Zoey finds out that the woman Jung Woo calls aunt and Harry's mother are the same person.

  • Jung Woo gets himself fired to make sure his team gets to lead the current case.

  • Jung Woo discovered his kidnapping 14 years ago and the two recent murders are all somehow connected.

  • Jung Woo digs deeper into the mystery of Harry's aunt death.

  • The cleaning ladey gets interrogated for the murder of Kang Sang Deung.

  • Zoey discovers that Han Jung Woo left his home when he was only fifteen.

  • Harry takes Zoey to have dinner with Han Tae Joon and his wife.

  • Lee Seo Yeon's mother sees Zoey at the police station.

  • New evidence shows that Sang Deung's killer was a woman.

  • Lee Seo Yeon's rapist is murdered.

  • Han Jung Woo may have discovered Zoey's true identity.

  • Nurse Jung is found dead in a swimming pool.

  • Detective Kim desperately search for traces of Lee Seo Yeon.

  • Han Jung Woo and Lee Seo Yeon are kidnapped

  • Han Jung Woo defends Lee Seo Yeon in front of their classmates.

  • Han Jung Woo befriends Lee Seo Yeon, the daughter of a murderer.