I'm Not a Robot

This romantic comedy series tells the story of a man who is allergic to people and a woman who is pretending to be an experimental robot. When a man who can't have relationships with real person meets a woman who's pretending to be a machine, unexpected sparks fly.

1 Season, 32 Episodes
December 6, 2017
Cast: Soo-bin Chae

I'm Not a Robot Full Episode Guide

  • Will Kim Min Kyu and Jo Ji Ah find their happy ever after in the series finale?

  • In the second-to-last episode, Kim Min Kyu takes his future into his own hands.

  • The Santa Maria team races to recover Aji 3 at this critical moment.

  • The American puppet master emerges from the shadows to claim Aji 3 as his.

  • Ji Ah and Min Kyu slowly reconcile by running through their entire fake relationship.

  • Min Kyu wakes up from his coma furious with the world. Can anything save his love for Ji Ah?

  • Kim Min Kyu's human allergy comes raging back after he learns the truth. Will he survive with his position intact?

  • The Professor finally catches up to Min Kyu, unaware that Aji 3 was hacked.

  • Trapped in a cold warehouse for the night, Ji Ah and Min Kyu make the best of it.

  • Ji Ah entertains her unwelcome guest to the best of her ability.

  • After a chance encounter on the train, Ji Ah maintains the charade. Meanwhile, Min Kyu's enemies close in on the Santa Maria team.

  • Min Kyu enjoys his new life, but finds his position at work in peril.

  • Ji Ah spends one final day with Min Kyu as Aji-3.

  • Ji Ah believes her chances at love are forever ruined after making a big discovery.

  • The final round of the business idea contest is finally upon Ji Ah. Will Min Kyu see through her paltry disguise?

  • Ji Ah prepares for the final round of the business idea contest. Min Kyu digs deeper into the circumstances surrounding President Park's death.

  • Ji Ah is confused when Min Kyu suddenly treats her with indifference rather than his usual warmth. Unbeknownst to her, Min Kyu struggles with his developing feelings for his robot.

  • Everyone in the house feels extremely awkward.

  • Min Kyu is deeply tormented after being kissed by his robot.

  • Jo Ji Ah calls in a "kiss tutor" to make sure things go smoothly in the house.

  • The Santa Maria robotics crew attempts to find a new investor.

  • Feeling good about his allergy going away, Min Kyu looks forward to spending more time with "Aji 3."

  • Min Kyu responds to the proposal in an usual way.

  • The necklace safely arrives, along with a few figures from Min Kyu's past.

  • Will a deep dive into Min Kyu's tragic past reveal the nature of his bizarre condition?

  • Min Kyu takes his robot along for an important business meeting.

  • "Aji 3" earns points to climb the rankings of Min Kyu's house.

  • Kim Min Kyu investigates the shady goings-ons of his own company. Jo Ji Ah's invention qualifies for the finals of a competition.

  • Jo Ji Ah must pass Kim Min Kyu's inspection, but her connection to Aji 3 cuts out at the worst possible moment.

  • Intrigued by Aji 3, Kim Min Kyu decides to personally test it out. But the lab is thrust into chaos when a stray drop of water short-circuits the android.

  • Kim Min Kyu is a wealthy playboy with a mysterious illness: he can't come into physical contact with other humans. His life changes when he learns about Aji 3, a convincingly lifelike robot.