It Started with a Kiss

It Started With a Kiss is a Taiwanese television show based on a Japanese manga series. It focuses on the ups and downs of the relationship between female lead Yuan Xiang Qin and the boy she pines after, Jiang Zhi Shu. The two attend high school together, and while Jiang Zia Shu is a proven genius, Yuan Xiang Qin is less than intellectually gifted.

Yuan Xiang Shu falls in love with Jiang Zia Shu and is humiliated when she publicly declares her love to him and it goes unrequited. But shortly thereafter, an earthquake renders her homeless, and a twist of fate lands her in Jiang Zia Shu's home. The series follows the progression of their relationship as they adjust to living together and become closer.

It Started With a Kiss shows the complexity of teenage relationships, the difficulties that teenagers face adjusting to new circumstances, and the heartwarming truth that fundamental differences don't have to stand in the way of affection after all. Although it is based on a manga, It Started With a Kiss is a live action television show.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
September 25, 2005
Comedy, Drama, Japanese Drama
Cast: Ariel Lin, Joseph Yuan-Chang Cheng, Cyndi Chao, Bo-Han Zhang

It Started with a Kiss Full Episode Guide

  • Pan Da enterprise falls into a crisis because of Zhi Shu's decision. It's up to him to make everything all right and live happily ever after with the one he loves.

  • Zhi Shu finally realizes his true feelings for Xiang Qin.

  • Xiang Qin tries to take her mind off Zhi Shu by going on dates with A-Jin. A-Jin is overjoyed and proposes to Xiang Qin, but will she say yes?

  • Zhi Shu goes on a blind date with Bai Hui Lan. Zi Yu and Xiang Qin join forces to sabotage their date.

  • Zhi Shu's father is hospitalized. Zhi Shu steps in to oversee his father's company, only to discover that the company is in deep waters.

  • Zi Yu tells Zhi Shu how she feels about him but receives an unexpected response.

  • Just when Xiang Qin thought that she has to spend Christmas Eve at home alone, she receives a pleasant surprise.

  • Xiang Qin has an admirer. Will Zhi Shu lose out to his rival in love?

  • Yu Shu suddenly falls ill and is hospitalized. Zhi Shu seems to have found his career choice while visiting Yu Shu in hospital.

  • Xiang Qin faints from having too much coffee, Zhi Shu takes her home and ends up spending a night together alone.

  • In search of his independence, Zhi Shu decides to move out of the family home and work part time.

  • After a series of mishaps, Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu spend some quality time together. Could it be called a date?

  • Xiang Qin and Hao Qian devise a plot to make the one they love jealous only to get the opposite effect.

  • Xiang Qin joins the tennis club to be closer to Zhi Shu. Hao Qian, a senior at the club challenges Zhi Shu to a doubles match with high stakes.

  • Xiang Qin is happy that Zhi Shu will be going to the same university as her, but to her surprise a beautiful and smart girl appears to have her eyes set on Zhi Shu.

  • At the graduation party, Class A and Class F gets into a spat, a fateful moment occurs between Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin.

  • The impending graduation exam is making Xiang Qin and her classmates nervous. They turn to Zhi Shu for help.

  • Zhi Shu's mom takes an immediate liking to Xiang Qin and creates all kinds of opportunity for Xiang Qin to spend time with Zhi Shu, even a weekend alone at home...

  • An earthquake shatters Xiang Qin's home. She moves into her father's friends place, only to discover it's Zhi Shu's home!