Ja Myung Go

Ja Myung Go is based on the South Korean folk drama, Prince Hodong and the Princess of Nakrang, which brushes upon the enchanting story of the failed Nakrang Kingdom. Two princesses, are born on the same day and have the same mother but different father. They are Ja Myung and Ra Hee. They hold the fate of their nations. The 2000 year old legend brings forth a chilling tale that a famous drum by the name of Jamyeonggo (meaning, "the drum that beats by itself"), would beat of sudden warning when enemies enter the kingdom.

Nevertheless, this story takes a slight twist, that the drum is in fact a person, the hidden sister of Nakrang Kingdom's princess. An oracle sets forth warning that one princess would save the kingdom and the other would destroy it. Ja Myung was almost assassinated when she escapes and grows up in the Shandong Provence as an artist but then later returns as the princess. By her returning to the Nakrang Kingdom, it creates havoc over the throne.

Ja Myung's mother makes her the priestess of the sanctuary to save the life of her daughter. Ja Myung invents an obstacle called the Ja Myung Gogak System that help protect the Nakrang country from the attacks. Princess Ra-hee, the other sister, grew up as a princess of Nakrang and was adored by her people. Meanwhile, Ja Myung survives a murder attempt and lives a very secret life. Princess Ja Myung and Prince Hodong fall in love but they know that they can not be together.

From the enemy of Nakrang, Prince Hodong, the Goguryeo Kingdom, feels torn between his feelings for a woman and his two world and must make a decision. Her half sister, Ra hee marries Prince Hodong. Prince Hodong tries to convince Ra Hee to kill her half sister for political gain. Princess Ja Myung is deceived and hurt by her half sisters attempt to destroy her and the Nakrang Kingdom and must fight back.

1 Season, 40 Episodes
March 10, 2009
Cast: Young Yo Lee

Ja Myung Go Full Episode Guide

  • A behind the scenes special in the making of 'Ja Myung Go.'

  • The Ja Myung Go has been torn. In the aftermath of Nakrang's downfall, Ho Dong and Ja Myung have the ultimate confrontation.

  • Ho Dong tells La Hee to tear the Ja Myung Go drum, and Ja Myung attempts to stop her half-sister from doing so.

  • Ja Myung confronts Ho Dong about a message she intercepts. The love rectangle between General Wang Hol, Ja Myung, La Hee, and Ho Dong become more intertwined.

  • The Ja Myung Go drum saves Nakrang from a planned attack from Goguryeo. The King of Goguryeo demands to see Ho Dong after his defeat.

  • The Goguryeo army prepares to attack Nakrang. All of Nakrang anticipate whether the mystical drum Ja Myung Go will ring.

  • With Ho Dong in Nakrang, La Hee's feelings for Ho Dong move her to vow to save the prince's life. The royal family debate over what to do with Ho Dong.

  • Ho Dong escapes exile and seeks asylum in Nakrang. To La Hee's dismay, Ja Myung becomes priestess of Nakrang.

  • Queen Jasil's attempt to poison Ja Myung fails. When she recovers, Ja Myung's conviction to save Nakrang becomes stronger than ever.

  • Ho Dong is shocked to learn of Ja Myung's engagement to General Wang Hol. In a moment of danger, La Hee saves Prince Ho Dong from Nakrang's wrath.

  • Ja Myung shares her premonition of Nakrang's downfall to the royal family. Ho Dong's father begins to doubt his son's loyalty to Goguryeo.

  • Puku (Ja Myung) is arrested for killing General Ha Hogae. The first queen at last accepts that Puku is her daughter Ja Myung.

  • Ho Dong finds himself at odds with his father, who is determined to kill the princess of Nakrang. Puku confronts La Hee about the possibility of Ja Myung still being alive.

  • Puku finally discovers her true identity as Ja Myung. Back in Nakrang, suspicions begin to stir over the possibility of Ja Myung still being alive.

  • Wang Jasil conspires to rid of Donggobi by poisoning her. In her final moments, Donggobi attempts to leave a final message for Ja Myung.

  • Choi Li is on the search for Ja Myung after she kills his warrior Ha Ho Gae. Donggobi suspects Puku of being Ja Myung Go.

  • Goguryeo and Nakrang are at war. Hodong challenges Princess Nakrang to battle.

  • With her request to send Puku to Nakrang, Queen Jashil piques Queen Maeseolsu's curiosity. Prince Hodong continues to court Princess Nakrang (Lahee) in hopes of gaining her heart.

  • The Prince nurses Puku (Jamyung) back to health and their friendship deepens. Jamyung begins to remember her past. Queen Maeseolsu gives birth.

  • Poisoned and on the run, Puku nurses Prince Hodong back to health. Hankai (Ilpum) and the troupe leaders search for Puku along with the Prince's men.

  • After kowtowing to the Han King, Prince Hodong must now face the wrath of his father, while the Biryuna Tribe uses this opportunity to assassinate him.

  • Now the royal bodyguard for Prince Hodong, Puku comes close to finding the meaning behind her scar. General Wang pieces together the facts about Jashil and Jamyung.

  • Puku's mission to kill Princess Nakrang is foiled when Prince Hodong has an unintentional change of heart. Both Queen Jashil and Queen Haso suspect that Jamyung is still alive.

  • In exchange for the troupe leaders' lives, Puku and Ilpum set out to kill Princess Nakrang (Lahee). Queen Jashil focuses on manipulating King Choi Li for more power.

  • King Daemushin's men and Song Okgu's army race to be the first to Queen Maeseolsu. Prince Hodong makes an important decision and Lahee is crowned Princess Nakrang.

  • Now in their teen years, Puku and Hankai (Jamyung and Ilpum) have trained extensively under their mysterious teacher. Ho Gok's motive for training Puku throughout the years is revealed.

  • At the sentencing of Lady Mo Yang Hae, a surprising turn of events puts a wrinkle in Queen Jashil's plans. Prince Hodong courts Lahee, and meets Puku (Jamyung) for the first time.

  • Jasil and Queen Mo's rivalry comes to ahead, as Queen Mo storms the palace. Jamyung finds her clothes from when she was a baby, and becomes curious.

  • After General Wang's death, his family, and troops are devastated. The Queen and her rival, continue to fight for the King's affection while the King continues his quest to rule Nakrang.

  • General Choi and Lady Haso get information about where Jamyung may have drifted. Jamyung's circus troupe performs for the King of Nakrang.

  • Prince Hodong and Lahee meet as children for the first time. The court prepares for the King's second marriage to the Queen's cousin Sujiryun.

  • Queen Maeseolsu accepts the Prince's challenge. Lady Haso has hope that Jamyung is still alive. Jamyung and Ilpum wonder about who their parents are.

  • General Wang's ambitions cause concern for the future of Nakrang. Prince Hodong challenges the Queen. Ilpum and Jamyung have new lives a performers.

  • The King questions Queen Maeseolsu's true feelings towards Prince Hodong, and her resolution to produce a child becomes more urgent.

  • Jamyung is sent up the river with Ilpum by her mother in a effort to save her life. Young Prince Hodong learns an important lesson about his father.

  • Lahee and Jamyung's mothers both try to spare them from their deaths, just moments after their births, and the Queen struggles to concieve.

  • As Princess Lahee struggles with the repercussions of her actions, the destined path of the two sisters is revealed.

  • The King of Gorguryeo promises his first born son, Prince Hodong, the crown in exchange for killing the mysterious Princess Ja Myung.