Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

In this historical drama, a young woman who learned to sew when she was just a girl. Now an adult, she runs a successful clothing business, but her talents and beauty come to the attention of the Crown Prince, starting in motion a dramatic string of events that leads to her becoming one of Korea's most famous royal concubines. The series in 2013 on the Seoul Broadcasting System in South Korea.

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 24 Episodes
April 8, 2013
Korean Drama
Cast: Tae-hee Kim, Ah-in Yoo

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Full Episode Guide

  • Jang Ok Jung is framed with crimes punishable by death, forcing the King to order her execution. But because of his love for her, he is determined to find a way to save her.

  • A succession of bad luck falls upon the palace as both newly restored Queen Inhyeon and Crowned Prince Yoon become critically ill.

  • An attempted murder through the use of poison is used as leverage to dethrone Ok Jung and restore In Hyeon as Queen.

  • Ok Jung deals with the numerous schemes to remove her from the throne, while at the same time mending her rocky relationship with the King.

  • Ok Jung's new title as Queen is difficult for her to manage as she attempts to forget the dethroned Queen's ominous warning.

  • The King pushes for Queen Inhyeon to be dethroned and for Ok Jung to take her place at the throne.

  • The Western Party plots how to gain complete control and throw Ok Jung out of the Palace while to the King is unconscious.

  • Ok Jung and the Queen's relationship becomes even more contentious as Ok Jung prepares to give birth. The King receives news that shakes up the government.

  • The investigation into who poisoned the King's food comes to an end with a surprising confession.

  • Ok Jung must find a way to counteract a deal she was forced to make.

  • Ok Jung and Lee Soon are driven closer together after a devious plot is carried out by the Queen Mother.

  • Ok Jung carry out a dangerous plan and a newcomer comes to town.

  • Ok Jung finds a way to utilize her powerful secrets.

  • Ok Jung finds her way back to Lee Soon and to the Palace and her presence continues to cause problems for the Queen Mother.

  • Prince Dongpyung give Ok Jung protection for a short time, and Lee Soon and Inhyeon end up striking a deal.

  • The Dowager Queen and Queen Mother fight over the selection of the next queen and Lee Soon's irrepressible displays of affection toward Ok Jung causes a bad situation to get worse.

  • With Queen Inkyung's passing, the Queen Mother puts a plan in motion to ensure Inhyeon becomes the next Queen.

  • Ok Jung finds out Lee Soon's true identity, and the Queen falls dangerously ill.

  • On this episode Ok Jang starts life as a court maid, and the King attends the Prime Minister's birthday party.

  • The plot to kill the King unfolds, and The Queen Dowager proceeds with a search for a court maid.

  • Jang Ok Jung observes the soldiers during their training to so that she can create new and improved armor for them.

  • The beginning round to select the Crowned Princess has started and Jang Ok Jung finds herself caught up in a most unexpected way.

  • As adolescents, Jang Ok Jung and Lee Soon become involved in a first love romance during a pivotal time for both their destinies.

  • Jang Ok Jung, a naturally gifted dressmaker, has her garment showcase sabotaged when it is discovered that she is the daughter of a lowly slave.