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The premise of this show revolves around a father and son, who own and operate a custom car shop and a junkyard. The father-son team scrounge through the junkyard to find usable cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and parts to build high-end custom vehicles. The relationship dynamic between the father and son highlights the highs and lows of a business partnerships between two different personalities. Both show a great deal of junkyard/custom car shop business knowledge, but they are often butting heads. The son is highly ambitious and numbers driven, while the father is laid back and a bit carefree.

Wednesdays 9:00 PM et/pt on VELOCITY
4 Seasons, 40 Episodes
April 22, 2015
Action & Adventure, Automotive, How To
Cast: Danny Bowie, Andy Cohen, Bobby Cohen, Tommy Bostic
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Junkyard Empire Full Episode Guide

  • Andy wants to squeeze a Hemi engine into a Jeep Wrangler for a power boost, and there's no end to what could go wrong.

  • Andy Cohen and his dad, Bobby, live by the motto that cars create memories, and they're about to restore a couple of classics.

  • Andy's new school meets old school Barracuda build keeps hitting setbacks. Dave can't catch a break and morale hits a new low.

  • Andy Cohen decides to transplant a Dodge Hell Cat engine into his classic Plymouth Barracuda. But even his best guys can't promise it'll work. Also, Bobby tries to salvage two beat-up ATVs without losing any money.

  • Dave Jensen asks Andy to help him restore his dad's 1964 Mustang, but the project is more than what Andy bargained for. Andy's girlfriend wants him to sell her underpowered Jeep. But when he improves the gear system, she throws a wrench in his plans.

  • Andy pressures Blair to bring his SVO Mustang to life.

  • Andy gets his hands on an '85 Mustang SVO, so he tries to transplant a modern Ford Ecoboost engine into a car built around an outdated 2.3-liter motor. The guys get started on a tribute to Andy's favorite car from the 70s: the 1970 GTO Judge.

  • Andy fixes a 2010 Dodge Viper. Later, he fixes a 1950 fire truck for the local firehouse.

  • When Bobby Cohen spots a rusty British Cab at the junkyard, he vows to do what he can to save it. His son, Andy, thinks he's crazy and decides to make a big investment in a high dollar Lamborghini Murcielago to recoup the money he worries Bobby will lose.

  • Andy Cohen and dad Bobby treat their employees as members of the family. So when Tim's son wants a bigger truck, they happily hook him up. But it'll take a lot to turn a wrecked K-9 explosives police wagon into a camo-wrapped hunting truck.

  • When Andy Cohen tries to turn an old Dodge pickup into a vintage Power Wagon, his dad disapproves. So it's up to Chris and Jeff to turn this rust bucket into gold. Then Andy buys a German military truck for a crazy advertising scheme.

  • At Andy Cohen's junkyard, one thing's for certain: It's never boring. And this week's projects are especially interesting. Andy finds a 1931 Model A that looks like it just drove out of a movie about the Mob, and a 1963 VW Bug that needs some love.

  • An iconic piece of military history and a dinosaur-sized bulldozer that no one quite knows what to do with come into Andy Cohen's yard.

  • Andy Cohen finds a 1967 Chevy Camaro Pace Car and decides to unveil his masterpiece at an upcoming car show, throwing the whole garage into chaos.

  • Andy Cohen knows a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when he sees one When he comes across a 1967 Camaro Pace car for sale, he jumps at the chance. But this rare, valuable classic comes with a catch: it's currently in a million pieces.

  • A fuel-injection specialist attempts to get a 1932 Roadster up and running; a project to combine parts from two Chevy trucks into a new single FrankenTruck threatens to go off the rails.

  • Andy transforms an old ambulance into a Maryland sports-mobile for a fellow U of M alum. Then, he thinks outside the box to soup-up a car for his buddy in blue.

  • Andy has his doubts when his father, Bobby, is determined to fix up the ultimate junker; Bobby relies upon a few old-school tricks to prove his son wrong.

  • Andy puts the boys to work on a crazy-looking vintage race car, a Hot Wheels Ramblin' Wrecker tow truck racer, and a 1970 Chevrolet Camaro rescued from Hurricane Sandy.

  • Andy is in hog heaven when he finds a classic Chevrolet Blazer on the roadside and wins a totaled Porsche Cayman on a bid.

  • When Andy bags a 1994 Bronco at auction, he sees redneck gold in the making. But just as Andy's monster truck kicks into gear, his father Bobby throws a wrench in the gears.

  • Andy is no stranger to risky car builds, but when his shop takes on a scorched Audi S6, he's playing with fire. If Andy can get this burnt powerhouse up and running, he'd win big; but the deeper he digs, the more problems he finds.

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