Kimchi Family

Kimchi Family is a South Korean television series that blends drama, excellent cooking, family and romance. The show focuses on three main characters. Lee Kang San and Lee Woo Joo are two sisters who have recently inherited their father's traditional Korean restaurant. The restaurant is failing, and the business is not making very much money. It almost seems like too much work to take on the task of rehabilitating it. In addition, Kang San has an excellent job as a chef in an upscale Italian restaurant that she doesn't want to leave. However, the two sisters remember how wonderful the restaurant used to be. They realize that it is truly a special place, not only for them, but for the entire town. Soon, they decide to see if they can bring the restaurant back to life.

Kang San and Woo Joo are soon joined by a young man named Ki Ho Tae who has been drifting from place to place. Ho Tae was abandoned by his mother at a young age. When he was a teenager, he became involved with the Korean mafia. Now Ho Tae has reformed his ways and simply wants to find out more about his past. When he hears about the restaurant and the sisters who are working to revitalize it, he decides to stay on and help them while he continues his search for answers about his life.

Kang San, Woo Joo and Ho Tae quickly gain more outside help from the sisters' extended family members. Soon the staff of the restaurant becomes close and begins to feel more like a family. As the series progresses, things start to look up for the staff of the restaurant. Romance begins to bloom and, although there are still many challenges ahead, it seems that everything might work out for the new Kimchi family.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
December 7, 2011
Korean Drama
Cast: Il-guk Song, Jin-hee Park, Jae-Sung Choi, Shin-il Kang

Kimchi Family Full Episode Guide

  • A dramatic showdown forces Ho Tae to choose between a childhood friend and an old brother. President Oh Man Suk must face the consequences of his actions.

  • Ho Tae is kidnapped by the mysterious Robbin Hood. The shocking identity of Robbin Hood and Hae Jun leads investigators to worry about his next possible victim.

  • Kang San's father returns to Earth and Man. Others try to coax him into remembering the clues to Ho Tae's past.

  • Kang San is heartbroken to discover her father's illness. Ho Tae discovers his long lost mother.

  • The mysterious Robbin Hood continues to perplex detectives. Ho Tae's first love comes to visit Earth and Man.

  • Ho Tae discovers that his mother is still alive. Kang San watches helplessly as Ho Tae struggles with his past.

  • Kang Do Shik confronts his past. It's Full Moon Day, and Earth and Man busily prepares for this special occassion.

  • Ho Tae discovers his emotional past. Kang San becomes increasingly worried about Ho Tae's absence.

  • The mysterious masked Robbin Hood continues his kidnapping spree. Earth and Man tries to save a marriage.

  • Ho Tae recovers his memory and discovers his past connection to Earth and Man.

  • Kang Chil continues to look into Woo Tae Bok's connection to his past. A longtime customer at Earth and Man struggles after learning his wife wants to leave him.

  • Kang San tries to figure out her father's homework assignment while trying to save a fish supplier from selling out to Han Dol Food.

  • Ho Tae and Kang San tries to save a life. Kang San turns down the offer for head chef.

  • Kang San considers whether she should take back her former position as head chef.

  • Earth and Man finds itself in a dire financial situation. Woo Joo learns the value of standing up for herself.

  • Woo Joo defends a customer treated unjustly. Kang San makes her case to a top actor.

  • Ho Tae begins to piece together the pieces of his past.

  • Ho Tae's past dealings catch up to him, while Kang San is haunted by the memories of her lost mother. The family restaurant helps a broken family and the Han Dol plot rises to the surface.

  • A famous movie star stops by Heaven, Earth, and Man.

  • Eun Bi has a second chance to stay with her surrogate family. Kang San receives a strange reservation request from a mysterious stranger.

  • Ho Tae tries to find Eun Bi's mother who abandoned her. When the mother doesn't turn up, the family decides to accept Eun Bi into the family.

  • As Ho Tae stays with the family, he learns the secrets of his past.

  • Kang Sun saves Ki Ho Tae after he's attacked and then he gets hired as a part-time employee in her restaurant.