Let's Eat 3

The world’s most incurable foodie has hit a dead end. But when he runs into an old college classmate, it’s time to cook up a little romance. Total Episodes: 16

1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 16, 2018
International, Drama

Let's Eat 3 Full Episode Guide

  • Seo Yeon is beset on all sides as she learns much of her past was built on lies. Dae Young faces trouble starting his new company.

  • Dae Young and Ji Woo recall their shared feeling of lost opportunity, however unknown to each other. Dae Young goes through with his startup plans, and trouble tails Seo Yeon after her nursing home visit.

  • In the aftermath of the truth of her debt coming to light, Seo Yeon is reached out to by her birth mother. Dae Young comes to an impasse over his jobs, but refuses to back down.

  • Ji Woo decides to remain at her current home, but her feelings for Dae Young are still heavy on her mind. Woo Sun's sickness rears its head again, but it turns out worse than just simple food poisoning.

  • Dae Young's assault situation worsens as the pervert wants to settle for an extorbitant amount of money. Amidst the chaos with Woo Sun, Seo Yeon meets with her birth mother.

  • Ji Woo tries to push Dae Young away, unable to come to terms with her feelings. With Seo Yeon as his personal secretary, Woo Sun decides to mess with her in revenge for teasing him.

  • Ji Woo Dae Young and Woo Sun butt heads over their new workplace atmosphere. Seo Yeon and Ji Woo still can't bury the hatchet, and Dae Young still can't come to terms with his girlfriend's death.

  • Ji Woo's mother suffers an accident at her nursing home, so she tries to find better accommodation with little luck. Seo Yeon learns how to push Woo Sun's buttons to get around the tension between them.

  • Ji Woo bumps into her former student, who turns out to be Woo Sun. Dae Young's surprising friendliness with his new co-workers gets to Woo Sun, however, and he spirals into a night of drunkenness.

  • Seo Yeon nudges Dae Young into accepting the job offer, but he's still hesitant about getting into a new industry at his age. However, Seo Yeon struggles with her living conditions, and is pushed to the brink.

  • Ji Woo finds herself conflicted over her intentions with Dae Young. Meanwhile, her sister Seo Yeon returns to Korea without a plan while being chased by a debt collector.