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An undercover officer and her handler are pushed to the limit when they must not only infiltrate the Hong Kong underworld, but also fight off conspirators in their own police force.

1 Season, 31 Episodes
August 25, 2014
Cast: Kiu Wai Miu, Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Man Chi Chan
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Line Walker Full Episode Guide

  • Burst Seed and Mr. Cheuk go head-to-head to gain control of the kidnappings and in their beliefs on upholding the law. But something seems off about Mr. Cheuk...

  • After Burst Seed's descent to the dark side, the Mr. Cheuk and the UCs rush to make him see reason. Louse takes on an unexpected role to help Nail, but they end up in even more danger.

  • Louse finds himself in a sticky situation, as does Mrs. Cheuk's boss.

  • The UCs attempt to get closer to the officials at the root of corruption... But has Burst Seed gone rogue?

  • Nail is inconsolable after the loss of loved ones. Ms. Lam reveals a jaw-dropping secret.

  • Burst Seed and Nail are closer than ever to bringing down the very top of the triad. Brother Foon Hei looks for an escape. Meanwhile, the police close in on Mr. Cheuk.

  • After his jailbreak, Mr. Cheuk desperately searches for evidence against his corrupt boss. Foon Hei aims to be a good father to Sis Nail, while Kobe prepares a surprise for Yan.

  • Mr. Cheuk's corrupt mentor publicly labels him a criminal, while the UCs rush to find evidence to prove his innocence. Can they get him out of jail? Meanwhile, Nail wonders if she is Foon Hei's daughter.

  • The gang helps Foon Hei deal with a stubborn lady. Life gets better for the UCs... But are they mistaken to think they brought down the dirty cop?

  • The UCs desperately search for a friend gone missing. Meanwhile, dirty cop Marco starts to suspect he's being investigated, putting the lives of the UCs and Yan at risk.

  • Mr. Cheuk and the former Mrs. Cheung get closer as they work together to put away more criminals. Yan investigates her fiancee, with the hunt for intel getting more and more dangerous for everyone.

  • The race to find evidence against the dirty cop is on as he grows more and more powerful. Yan grows cold feet before the wedding.

  • Sing's death drives Foon Hei over the edge. The UCs grow even more afraid of being caught.

  • Tensions run high with the drug deal underway, and the dirty cop is finally revealed. Just when the chaos seems to come to an end, the unthinkable happens.

  • After the near-death incident, Mr. Cheuk and Mrs. Cheung grow closer, while Kobe hopes to rekindle things with Yan. Louse runs into an obstacle.

  • Mrs. Cheung tries to cope after her marriage falls apart. Meanwhile, things heat up between Burst Seed and On Lam.

  • Burst Seed finally joins the UC crew. Mrs.Cheung's marriage with her abusive husband appears to improve.

  • While the Mr. Cheuk and the UCs continue testing Burst Seed to see if he's one of them, Burst Seed and Ding end up in a risky situation.

  • With the end of the feud between Foon Hei and Flounder, the gang considers a new and riskier line of work.

  • Mr.Cheuk and Kobe think they've found the other undercover cop, but it's the last person Ding expected.

  • Foon Hei and Flounder seem to get along, while secretly plotting against each other. Meanwhile, things heat up between Sis Nail and Burst Seed.

  • With the new Head Boss appointed, the gang returns to their usual shenanigans.

  • Foon Hei is reunited with his son, but will he seek revenge? The hunt is on for the other undercover cops.

  • Rivalry within the gang puts a dangerous plan into motion, getting the gang deeper in trouble. The cops get dangerously close.

  • Ding works to get closer to Burst Seed and the gang, but gets herself into more than she bargained for.

  • Burst Seed and Louse run into some trouble, but get help from an unexpected ally.

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