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Love Now is a widely-aired television show produced in China. It is a modern romance and society-themed drama starring some of the most widely-recognized names in Chinese television. Annie Chen as Yang Yi-ru is the lead character. She is a high-powered advertising mogul with a chip on her shoulder, yet longs for a lasting personal relationship. George Hu is Lan She-de is an overstressed manufacturing foreman who has been estranged from Yi-ru since their time at college. Along with a carefully selected supporting cast, these two and their associates are brought together through serendipitous events. What would seem like a match made in Heaven becomes a complex circle of indecision, duty, lust, and dishonor.

A special quality of Love Now is its insistence on featuring diverse aspects of modern Chinese culture. From traditional kitchens and rural villages, to busy city streets and high-tech hospital operation rooms, Love Now is a unique journey into contemporary Chinese television drama. Story lines evolve quickly and character action is unpredictable. This television series is a prime example of engaging and modern Chinese media.

1 Season, 72 Episodes
October 31, 2012
Chinese Drama, Drama, Romance
Cast: Jeong-hwa Eom, Chae-young Han, Yong-woo Park, Dong-geon Lee
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Love Now Full Episode Guide

  • Qiming takes Cairong to the hotel. Mother Sun comes to visit and voices her concern to Cairong. Qiming embraces Mother Sun, who is quite moved.

  • The members of Lan's family place bets about the gender of Yiru's child. Yiru says she hasn't asked that question yet. Grandma is curious about this.

  • Sitting on the sidewalk, Yiru and Cairong watch the proposal film. Cairong is impressed and smiles. After the movie, Qiming appears and proposes.

  • Yiqing and Shiyun see Yuxiang take a box of books to his car and leave. They follow him and find he's promoting Shiyun's book by the side of road.

  • Ouyang prepares the flowers and cake for Cairong. Qiming thinks Ouyang wants to go after Cairong, so he asks Shide and Yiru what he should do.

  • Ouyang tells Shide the surgery must be postponed. Cairong then finds out that Ouyang's hand was hurt while he was helping her the day before.

  • Shide doesn't like Ouyang's attitude, but Yiru says she believes in Cairong's recommendation and wants to attend the seminar anyway.

  • Dad Yang tells Shide he has forgiven him. Qiming goes to the Yangs' and finds only Cairong there asleep. Qiming tries to kiss Cairong.

  • Dad Yang, Shide and Yiru go to the tomb of Mom Yang. Yiru apologizes to her father, and Shide calls Qiming for help. Yiru goes to see a doctor.

  • Shide and Yiru come back to Family Lan's house. The family is worried and they ask what happened. Shide announces he won't let Yiru receive treatment.

  • Shide tells Yiru he wants to talk with her. Yiru says she's tired and pretends to fall asleep instantly. When Shide leaves, Yiru eats the sesame soup.

  • Shide goes to the Yang family home, but Yiru won't see him. Yet there's good news from Cairong: Yiru has a 90 percent chance of survival.

  • Shide tells his family about Yiru's cancer, which upsets Grandma Lan but rallies the whole family together to encourage Yiru through her treatment.

  • Yiru is still in low spirits and doesn't look well when she gets home. Her family is worried, and so is Shide. Yiru looks up information on cancer.

  • Qiming runs into his mother at the hospital, where she's come to visit Father Yang. Mother Sun thanks Father Yang for taking care of Qiming.

  • Grandmother Lan and Mother Lan are worried about Shiyun. Yiqing visits Qiming and tells him what happened between Shiyun and Yuxiang.

  • Shide has a cold, so he asks Yiru to sleep with Shiyun. Shiyun decides to ask for Yiru's opinion on her relationship with Yuxiang.

  • Qiming confesses to Cairong and then seizes the opportunity to kiss her. However, Cairong slaps Qiming, confusing him. Shide and others tease him.

  • Yuxiang meets Anqi and her husband on the streets, and they mistakenly think he's following Anqi. Shiyun stands up up for Yuxiang and lectures Anqi.

  • Cairong goes to the school where Qiming once studied to look for information on the basketball games. She discovers Mother Sun is there, as well.

  • Father Yang thinks Qiming has no reason to reject Cairong's feelings. Qiming feels that it's better to draw the line while they're still friends.

  • Qiming finds out about Yiru's pregnancy and asks Yiru to stay home and take care of herself. Shide goes to Haosheng but there's no one at the company.

  • Shide and Yiru are happy and moved when they see the ultrasound image of their child. The pair run into Cairong, who congratulates them.

  • Shide tells Yiru that An Gesi is pursuing Yiqing. Yiru is shocked, as she recalled An Gesi being very enthusiastic towards her.

  • Shiyun asks Shide and Yiru for their opinion on older women dating younger men. Yiru has a feeling the motive behind Shiyun's question isn't simple.

  • While waiting for Shide in the room, Yiru reads the book on Boracay Island again. She wants to get a polaroid camera to record their daily life.

  • As Shiyun walks along, a mascot keeps giving her little presents. It turns out to be Yuxiang; he gives Shiyun flowers and says he wants to date her.

  • While Shide helps Yiru dry her hair, Yiru asks Shide about the bachelor party. Yiru is angry about what Shide did and won't let him sleep in the bed.

  • Yiping showed up at Yang's house dressed in a Flamenco costume, and danced with Yiru and her father. Shide's bachelor party began. Xiao Wei proposed to drink and play games. Everybody was having fun. Shide and Qiming were so drunk that they walked into an unknown community and started to shout. The residents there complained. Shide's grandma called Yiru and told her that Shide was missing. Yiru was worried. Shide woke up and realized that they were at a police station. The Lan's went to the Yang's. Yiping got a call from Shide and told her that he was at the police station. Yiru, Yiqing and Shiyun went there, so did Shide's grandma. Grandma asked them to get married at police station in case they missed the auspicious period. With a reverend and their family as their witness, Yiru and Shide got married. Qiming left quietly. Yiru gave the bouquet to Yiping and went on the car with Shide happily.

  • Qiming returns to Fenghua and thinks back to the kissing contest. Su Mei and Xiaowei ask why he suddenly became shy, but Qiming won't talk about it.

  • Yi Ru's due date is drawing near, but challenges still awaits her and Shi De.

  • Qi Ming wants to propose marriage to Cai Rong. Shi Yun discovers that Yu Xiang is selling her books for her. Shi De and Yi Ru make progress on treating Yi Ru's cancer.

  • Cai Rong's senior also likes Cai Rong. Qi Ming gets jealous.

  • Cai Rong finds an alternate treatment for Yi Ru's cancer. She, Yi Ru, and Shi De meet up with her incredibly rude senior to discuss the procedure.

  • Shi De agrees to side with Yi Ru to postpone treatment. They break the news to the rest of the family.

  • Words get out that Yi Ru refuses treatments. The family confronts her.

  • Yi Ru must break the news of her illness to her family, and choose the future for her and her unborn child.

  • Cai Rong and Qi Ming become official. Yi Ru finds out that she may have cancer.

  • Shi Yun finds out about Yu Xiang's ulterior motive and breaks up with him. Qi Ming may finally win Cai Rong over.

  • Yi Ru and Shi De find the evidence to move forward with a lawsuit. Cai Rong is determined to reunite a mother and a son.

  • Hao Sheng Sanitary Ware goes up against a competitor that is imitating their latest, unlaunched product. Cai Rong pays Qi Ming's mother a visit.

  • Qi Ming begins to have feelings for Cai Rong, but rejects her. Yu Ru and Shi De's families get overprotective about her pregnancy.

  • Yi Ru is pregnant. The couple deals with breaking the news to their grandmother and the rest of the family.

  • Yi Ru and Shi De plan their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Yi Qing is being courted by two guys, and Shi Yun begins falling for Yu Xiang.

  • Yi Ru beats Qi Ming up for almost ruining her wedding. Cai Rong takes Qi Ming rock-climbing.

  • Qi Ming organizes a bacherlor party for Shi De, and denies his new feelings for Cai Rong. Shi De goes missing before the wedding.

  • The two families meet to discuss the wedding. The couple visits Shi De's father's grave and gets caught by the rain.

  • Yi Qing helps Yu Xiang pursue Shi Yun. Shi De goes missing after trying to rescue someone from drowning.

  • Yi Ru meets Shi De's family, and gives Qi Ming the closure to their one-sided romance.

  • Yi Ru and Shi De break it to Mr. Yang that they're together. Qi Ming struggles to get over his broken heart.

  • Yi Ru gets together with Shi De officially. Now she must break it to Qi Ming.

  • Qi Ming becomes a more serious and dedicated worker to order to impress Yi Ru. Shi De's aunt confesses her love to Mr. Yang.

  • Shi De and Qi Ming want to find out who the girl with red-shoes is in order to prove their innocence to Yi Ru.

  • Shi De wants to pursue Yi Ru. He asks Qi Ming for help.

  • Shi De and Yi Ru decide to make better their professional relationship. Qi Ming is informed that he may have feelings towards Yi Ru.

  • Seeing Qi Ming injured, Yi Ru confronts Shi De about his behavior.

  • Qi Ming berates Shi De in public for humiliating Yi Ru.

  • Shi De secretly schemes to get back at Yi Ru for lying about her illness.

  • In order to save the company, Yi Ru decides to withhold the truth from Shi De.

  • Yi Ru is furious when she finds out her illness is all a hoax. She returns from her vacation to find her boss is being sued by none other than Lan Shi De.

  • Despite Yi Ru's illness, Shi De decides to fulfill Yi Ru's dreams.

  • When told she only has six months to live, Yang Yi Ru takes a vacation to Boracay where she meets a successful businessman Lan Shi De.

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