Maids is a romantic television movie made in the United Kingdom. It features the rich scenery of the Coventry area of England. An emotionally damaged young man moves to England to attempt to salvage his relationship with his father. While there, he meets Maria, a French maid who works at his father's house. Eventually, the two begin spending time together. Maria has a similarly emotionally damaged past and understands the problems the son is having. Eventually, he and the older Maria fall in love. Will their romance last the challenges of the real world?

1 Season, 20 Episodes
December 13, 2014
Korean Drama
Cast: Yu-mi Jeong

Maids Full Episode Guide

  • As Man Wol crumbles, In Yub must try to salvage what she can from her experience as a maid, and protect those around her who have become her family.

  • Kim Eun Ki must decide between his father and In Yub one final time, as King Taejong and King Taejo are reunited.

  • The order to eliminate In Yub ends up backfiring in a spectacular manner, changing motivations and alliances in the power struggle between King Taejong, King Taejo, and Man Wol.

  • In Yub and Kim Eun Ki both travel to Ham Heung to appeal to King Taejo.

  • Man Wol must speed up their plans to lead an insurrection when it becomes clear that their cover is blown.

  • In Yub must try to find evidence to prove Moo Myung innocence and uncover the leadership of Man Wol.

  • Moo Myung discovers the secret of his heritage. Kim Eun Ki assumes control over Man Wol.

  • As the Man Wol plot approaches execution, the Head Maid has cold feet at the thought of her adopted son, Moo Myung, being sacrificed.

  • Moo Myung puts himself in a position to confront the King in preparation to execute Man Wol's plans. Poong Yi is used as a pawn in Lady Yoon's plan to eliminate Ok Yi and her baby.

  • In Yub gets a chance to talk to the King about her father's death, but doesn't have the evidence to sway him. Ok Yi is due to have her master's baby, embarrassing the matriarch of the household.

  • In Yub has volunteered to become a surrogate in order to give her a window to escape. Instead she is captured by Man Wol, the rebellious organization intent on bringing down the King.

  • The servants are forced to decide who between In Yub and Dan Ji will be sold off as a surrogate. Strings are pulled and favors called in to try to help decide the outcome.

  • In Yub and Dan Ji are both accused of sleeping with their masters' husbands, and one of them must be picked to become a forced surrogate for a local Governor.

  • When Kim Eun Ki and Yoon Ok marry, In Yub is forced to wait on her former fiance. Dan Ji, after narrowly escaping many times before, is caught being infidelious.

  • In Yub cracks her father's coded last message, and races against time to make sure she can use the information. Kim Eun Ki prepares for his second marriage.

  • Kim Eun Ki's plan to elope with In Yub is foiled when Sa Wol is dangled as a potential victim of their plot.

  • In Yub is initiated into the maids quarters, but attempts to escape. When she is allowed to oversee her father's corpse, she finds that someone wants to making things go away.

  • Gook Yoo is sentenced to dismemberment for treason, after evidence connecting him to rebels is found at a campsite. In Yub is punished for being relation, and is sentenced to servitude.

  • In Yub's fiance, Kim Eun Ki, attempts to retrive Gook Yoo on the eve of their wedding. Dan Ji pays the price for trying on In Yub's shoes.

  • In Yub goes to a birthday party to ask the elders if they can send word along of where her father might be.

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