Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

In the last few years Japanese television has been introduced to Americans and the world with great reception. The television series Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo is no exception. The story of a girl who meets the love of her life at a high school celebration and immediately falls for him only to be told by him that he is not into dumb girls.

As the story of the television show unfolds and circumstances for the lead female character, Kotoko Aihara played by Honoka Miki begin to change drastically due her home being severely damaged in an earthquake and causing her and her father to have to move in with a good friend of her fathers does this story really take a twist. The young man in which she previously fell in love with just happens to also live in the same house and is the son of her fathers friend. His name is Naoki Irie, a smart student played by Yuki Furukawa. This is a tale of what true love that begins one sided can lead to. The lead female character does not give up on the love her life. She continues to pursue him in hopes that one day he will see her sincerity and realize that her love is true and pure. As with any love affair there are many twists and turns present until he one day discovers that true love never dies, and her dreams of them being together are realized.

This is a romance comedy and is shot in Japanese language. The first show aired in March of 2013. So far the show has received great reviews.Tokyo continues to create well written television shows. The show is filmed in Tokyo and show airs on local CS Fuji on Fridays at noon, and can be seen on line as well at Drama Fever.com/Mischievous Kiss:Love in Tokyo

1 Season, 21 Episodes
March 29, 2013
Drama, Japanese Drama
Cast: Honoka Miki, Yûki Furukawa, Tomomi Nishimura, Yôji Tanaka

Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo Full Episode Guide

  • After Kin-chan's sudden proposal, Kotoko starts to seriously consider her future and her feelings about Naoki once and for all.

  • Kotoko decides to start dating Kin-chan, and finds herself having an unexpectedly good time. Meanwhile, Naoki prepares for his wedding with Sahoko.

  • When Naoki commits to an arranged marriage for the good of his father's company, Kotoko and Yuko team up to get rid of his future wife.

  • As everyone starts working towards their dreams, Kotoko feels left behind when she still remains undecided.

  • When Kotoko, Satomi and Jinko's Christmas plans fall through, Kotoko is left home alone on Christmas Eve.

  • Kotoko tries to help a girl with a crush on Yuki. Naoki visits Kotoko's hometown for the first time.

  • When the adults are away and Kotoko must rush Yuki to the hospital, Irie is nowhere to be found.

  • When Irie moves out of the house to be on his own, Kotoko tries to find a way to spend more time with him.

  • It's Kotoko's first day as an intern, but things don't go as smoothly as she planned when her patient is out to make it a very difficult two weeks.

  • When Irie agrees to go to the movies with Matsumoto, Sudo and Kotoko secretly follow them to ruin the date.

  • Kotoko and Irie are challenged to a doubles match in tennis, forcing them to work together as well as giving them a reason to see each other.

  • Kotoko and Irie begin their college life. Kotoko feels threatened when a smart and beautiful woman sets her eyes on Irie.

  • Kotoko is determined to make a special memory with Irie before their high school lives are over.

  • Kotoko decides to study as a nurse. Christine is leaving Japan soon, but despite her hardest efforts, Kinnosuke adamantly refuses all of her advances.

  • Kotoko knits a good luck charm for Irie that seems to have the opposite effect.

  • Kotoko and Irie find themselves home alone for the summer. Homework brings them unexpectedly together.

  • Kotoko gets nervous when Naoki refuses to sign the marriage registration forms and doesn't come home for a while.

  • Kotoko blackmails Irie into helping with her final exams. Kotoko's friends start wondering where she lives.

  • Things aren't smooth sailing during Kotoko and Naoki's honeymoon, as someone else has her eye on Naoki. But when they return from their trip, the two of them discover that it's just the beginning of their troubles as a married couple.

  • Things just are going well for Kotoko but her luck has to change for the better, doesn't it?