In this drama series, a successful TV personality finds herself the prime suspect in a murder investigation. She seeks the help of an expert lawyer who also happens to be her husband. The couple's marriage was already rocky, and the pressure of the investigation doesn't make things any easier.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
February 2, 2018
Cast: Nam-ju Kim, Jin-hee Ji, Hye-jin Jeon, Tae-kyung Im

Misty Full Episode Guide

  • Tae Wook finally tells Hye Ran what really happened that night.

  • When Hye Ran finds Tae Wook's traffic ticket, she tries to convince herself that it was just a coincidence.

  • A verdict is announced in the case against Hye Ran. Dong Hyun's body surfaces. Did Tae Wook make a mistake during the trial?

  • The witness's testimony is damaging to Hye Ran's case. Detective Kang questions Tae Wook about Baek Dong Hyun.

  • As the trial approaches, tensions mount. Tae Wook tries to figure out how to deal with this new phase of their relationship.

  • Hye Ran tells Tae Wook what happened with Myung Woo all those years ago. Hye Ran makes a decision that affects her case.

  • Tae Wook goes to visit his father. Hye Ran is more determined than ever to expose the conspiracy.

  • When Hye Ran is arrested, Tae Wook is too mad to answer her call. Tae Wook figures out why Hye Ran was really arrested.

  • Hye Ran agrees to back Ji Won's story if she is willing to burn those involved. Tae Wook finds some shocking evidence.

  • Eun Joo asks Tae Wook for a favor. Someone from Hye Ran's past surfaces to help her.

  • The autopsy report is back but inconclusive. Eun Joo finds something.

  • No one seems to believe that Hye Ran is innocent, but she persists.

  • Tae Wook and Kevin Lee meet in Thailand. Hye Ran takes an interest in Tae Wook's current case.

  • Hye Ran is offered a prestigious position. Kevin Lee wants to shoot in Thailand.

  • Hye Ran asks Eun Joo for a favor. Being around Jae Young makes Hye Ran uncomfortable.

  • Despite winning Reporter of the Year for the fifth consecutive year, Go Hye Ran has plenty of challenges in her life. To save her job, she makes a bold statement that might prove difficult to back up.

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