My Love Eun Dong

My Love Eun Dong is a beautiful love story that tells the story of unforgotten love between two lovers. Park Hyun Soo meets Ji Eun Dong as an adolescent when she was only thirteen but she soon disappears without any reason. Ten year later, they meet again and fall in love but Eun Dong once again disappears. Ten years passed have passed and Park Hyun Soo is persistent on finding Eun Dong and Eun Dong who goes by the name Jung Eun helps him to write his book about his love story. What is the fate of these two lovers?

Friday 10:40 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes
May 29, 2015
Korean Drama
Cast: Sa-rang Kim, Jin-mo Ju, Sung-Hyun Baek, Lee Ja-In

My Love Eun Dong Full Episode Guide

  • In the finale, Hyun Soo must navigate what is increasingly becoming a no-win situation.

  • Jae Ho takes desperate measures that changes Hyun Soo's view towards Ra Eil.

  • Hyun Soo confronts Jae Ho about his deception, and meets with the press to give a statement.

  • Jae Ho is able to convince Eun Dong's foster father to go to the press and claim Hyun Soo's book was a lie.

  • Faced with a desperate Jae Ho, Eun Dong leaves home and goes to stay with Hyun Soo. Hyun Ah administers a DNA test to confirm a suspicion.

  • When Eun Dong's memories start coming back to her, Jae Ho starts getting desperate in the face of losing her to Hyun Soo.

  • Jae Ho is approached by Jo Seo Ryung to try to pull Jung Eun and Eun Ho apart.

  • Jung Eun tells Eun Ho that she can't meet with him in secret anymore. Jae Ho confides to Hyun Ah about his fears.

  • After confirming that she was enrolled in school in Korea, Jung Eun realizes that she is indeed Eun Dong.

  • Jung Eun sets out to investigate her past to fill in the gaps after her memory loss.

  • After his autobiography sells a million copies, Eun Ho invites Jung Eun to dinner to celebrate, hoping he can confirm that she is in fact Eun Dong.

  • Eun Ho's ghostwriter, Seo Jung Eun, has no memory of her childhood after a car accident landed her both amnesia and a husband.

  • In 2015, Hyun Soo now goes by Ji Eun Ho and is Korea's favorite actor. He hopes that writing an autobiography about his missing Eun Dong will bring her back to him.

  • Hyun Soo reunites with Eun Dong in 2005, and they continue where they left off.

  • Park Hyun Soo meets Ji Eun Dong when he is 17 and she is 13, and they instantly hit it off. When she is orphaned and moves away, Hyun Soo decides to become an actor to raise his profile enough for Eun Dong to find him again.