My Lovely Sam Soon

My Lovely Sam-Soon, also known as My Name is Kim Sam-soon, is a South Korean television drama which aired from June to July of 2005. The show focuses on the titular Kim Sam-soon, a woman with both the passion as well as the skill to be an excellent baker. Kim dreams of running a bakery of her very own but between her lacking social life and self-belief that her name is archaic as well as embarrassing. Despite lacking in the social world, Kim had been dating somebody, but it doesn't last. Distressed at being newly single, Kim manages to get hired for an impressive French restaurant, serving as a

1 Season, 16 Episodes
June 1, 2005
Cast: Seon-a Kim

My Lovely Sam Soon Full Episode Guide

  • With Sam Soon's permission, Jin Heon accompanies Hee Jin back to America for a week. But he doesn't return for three months.

  • Hee Jin plans to return to America - and she wants Jin Heon to accompany her for one last trip.

  • Jin Heon and Sam Soon spend a day together doing her wish list of seven things she wants to do with her boyfriend.

  • Jin Heon wants to extend the time period for their "contract." Meanwhile, Hee Jin begins to worry whether Jin Heon is still in love with her.

  • Jin Heon must now deal with how to end things with Hee Jin. Sam Soon decides she needs to climb a mountain of her own as well.

  • Unable to shake Sam Soon from his thoughts, Jin Heon comes to terms about his feelings for Sam Soon.

  • Jin Heon's mother disapproves of having sickly Hee Jin as a daughter in law, and tries to use Sam Soon to break the new couple apart.

  • Jin Heon and Hee Jin reconcile and start over. A heart-broken Sam Soon gets into an accident.

  • Jin Heon and Sam Soon attend a hotel grand opening in Jeju Island, and Sam Soon realizes her feelings for him. Hee Jin reveals a secret that pulls the new "couple" apart.

  • Things get muddled as Sam Soon and Jin Heon try to separate their emotions from their fake relationship.

  • Hee Jin persistently tries to reclaim Jin Heon, which complicates Sam Soon and Jin Heon's fake relationship even more.

  • As Sam Soon and Jin Heon celebrate their "100-day anniversary", Jin Heon's ex-girlfriend, Yoo Hee Jin, arrives at the restaurant looking to restart her relationship with him.

  • Jin Heon asks Sam Soon to pretend to be his girlfriend. Sam Soon's ex-boyfriend comes to the restaurant with a new fiancee in tow.

  • Kim Sam Soon starts her first day at Bon Appetit, but Jin Heon's interference during her blind date spurs her to quit.

  • Kim Sam Soon is a single 30-year old who gets hired by the arrogant 27-year old Hyun Jin Heon.