Oh My Ghostess

In this supernatural comedy, a mild-mannered young woman is possessed by the spirit of deceased girl who believes that she can only move on to the after life if she seduces an attractive young man. Working with the shy girl's body, she sets out to do just that, and hijinks ensue. The series aired on South Korea's tvN network in 2015.

Friday 8:30 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes
July 3, 2015
Korean Drama
Cast: Min-cheol Choi, Jung-suk Jo, Ki-Young Kang, Seul-gi Kim

Oh My Ghostess Full Episode Guide

  • The stunning epilogue of Oh My Ghostess wraps up the saga of Soon Ae and provides closure for all those around her.

  • Flashbacks reveal how Soon Ae died. Sung Jae takes action against Bong Sun when he realizes that his crimes are soon to be uncovered, with disastrous results.

  • Sun Woo doesn't believe Bong Sun's story about being possessed by ghosts. Soon Ae starts observing Officer Choi more closely.

  • Bong Sun does her best to cook a dish for the restaurant when she lacks the experience that Soon Ae had gained. Soon Ae resolves to ascend to heaven, but discovers a secret about Officer Choi.

  • Soon Ae does her best to extend her time on earth, and discovers that her death was ruled as a suicide.

  • Soon Ae struggles with the fact that she's just started to experience love, and yet has little time to spare. Hae Young begins to meddle in her son's love life.

  • We learn more about Sung Jae's past while Bong Sun and Sun Woo go through their first days as an official couple.

  • With Bong Sun allowing Soon Ae to possess her, they try and get closer to Sung Woo on a camping trip he has planned for him and his employees.

  • Back in Bong Sun's body, Soon Ae checks after her sickly father and begins to receive cooking lessons from Sun Woo.

  • Bong Sun refuses to let Soon Ae possess her again, and her persistence in driving away the ghost leads to a bit of an accident at the restaurant.

  • Bong Sun negotiates a deal with Sun Woo to stay at the restaurant for a few nights until she finds a new place, and Soon Ae discovers that Sun Woo is the man of vitality she's looking for.

  • Soon Ae is drawn to her father's restaurant and tries to help him by stealing supplies from Sun Woo's storage.

  • Soon Ae finds herself stuck in Bong Sun's body so she does her best to adapt to Bong Sun's life. Sun Woo faces a popularity decline when a food blogger sues him for assault.

  • Na Bong Sun is a meek assistant chef at Sun Restaurant, where she works for her biggest crush -" the famous and arrogant Kang Sun Woo. Shin Soon Ae is a sexually frustrated ghost whose constant possessions of women to seduce young men has wreaked havoc in

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