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Oh My Dear Lady is a romantic comedy drama set in Seoul, Korea. Yoon Gae Hwa is a married, 30-something woman whose marriage is on the rocks. After her husband cheats on her, she initiates divorce proceedings. The trial is lengthy and painful for both parties and, ultimately, the judge awards custody to Yoon's ex-husband because she does not have the means to support her child.

To get her child back, Yoon takes a housecleaning job. Her employer, Sung Min Woo, is a wealthy celebrity who is particular about his home, his privacy, and his public image. When Yoon first begins as a house cleaner, he corrects how she washes dishes, cleans the laundry, and makes the bed. The situation becomes increasingly awkward as Yoon struggles to please her prickly, bossy employer and acquire enough money to support her daughter.

However, Sung soon finds out about her situation and becomes closer to her. They begin a romantic relationship, which makes their living situation in his huge mansion under public scrutiny even more awkward. To make things worse, part of Yoon's job is for her to care for Sung's daughter. Her mother is not in the picture and Sung struggles to keep her out of the spotlight because she is illegitimate. He is very harsh towards his daughter and seems to be ashamed of her.

After months of living with Yoon, Sung becomes a more gentle, caring father to his daughter and a more honest man. Yoon gets the money she needs to care for her daughter and approaches the court again. However, the judge still will not give the daughter back to Yoon. Yoon returns home devastated. After years of caring for Sung's daughter, the pain she feels at her own daughter's absence is overwhelming.

Sung then comes up with an idea. He proposed to Yoon who readily accepts. With a marriage certificate in hand, Yoon goes back to court and acquires sole custody again.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
March 6, 2010
Cast: Hyoyeon, Jessica Jung, Sooyoung
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Oh My Lady Full Episode Guide

  • Min-woo meets Gae-Hwa's ex-husband and tells him to apologize. Gae-Hwa accepts Min-woo's favor.

  • Min-woo successfully finishes his musical and asks a very special favor to Gae-Hwa.

  • Yu-ra insists that she would take care of Ye-eun. She loses Ye-eun while shopping.

  • Min-woo ignores Yu-ra's call and stays with Gae-hwa and his daughter. Yu-ra secretly follows Min-woo to the hotel.

  • Min-woo and Gae-hwa living together becomes the front page news.

  • Min-woo apologizes to Gae-hwa for putting her in danger. He spends time with his little daughter for the first time.

  • Min-woo's manager kidnaps Gae-hwa and threatens her to leave Min-woo.

  • Gae-hwa takes Shi-joon's side when he is arguing with Min-woo. Min-woo feels disappointed and jealous.

  • Shi-joon's company loses investment support to his rival musical production company.

  • Min-woo comes to Gae-hwa's office to surprise her for her birthday. However, he sees Gae-Hwa getting into Shi-Joon's car.

  • Gae-Hwa begs Min-woo to let her take his extra musical ticket. After the musical, the two drink together and become intimate.

  • Gae-hwa becomes shocked when she finds out Ms. Han is married to her own boss.

  • When Min-woo is drinking wine with Gae-hwa, Yu-ra (whom he has a crush on) rings the door bell.

  • Min-woo asks Gae-hwa to be his daughter's mother.

  • Someone leaves a little girl(Ye-eun) at Min-woo's apartment with a letter saying that the girl is his daughter. Having witnessed this, Gae-Hwa threatens that she might release this scandal.

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