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This is a Chinese drama television series that ran from April 2013 to July 2013. The show's protagonist, Jin Yuan Bao, is a very wealthy and young man who needs to get married in order to keep his fortunes. This means that he will end up marrying a girl he does not even know which is troubling to say the least. However, the day before the wedding, the bride runs off which allows for Yu Qi to pretend to be the bride for her own reason.

Daily 9:00 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 45 Episodes
June 8, 2005
Cast: Rachel Nichols, Adam Baldwin, Katie Finneran, Nelsan Ellis
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Perfect Couple Full Episode Guide

  • Yuan Bao saves the day. The Empress Dowager bestow her blessings on the couples' marriages.

  • The Empress Dowager issues her sentence for Jin family's treasons. The Second Prince takes action to usurp the throne.

  • The Jin family and Mister Liu both approach the Empress Dowager for justice.

  • Mister Liu continues his torturing of Yuan Bao. Qi Ling strikes a deal with him.

  • Mister Liu reveals his true colors, takes over Jin Manor, and attempts to kill Jin Yuan Bao.

  • Yuan Bao hits rock bottom, and Qi Ling tries to help him move forward.

  • Mister Liu takes Qi Ling and her mother in after their escape. Madam Jin learns the culprit behind the recent incidents.

  • During a confrontation with Madam Jin, Qi Ling exposes who Yuan Bao's true mother is.

  • Mrs. Yu is rescued but she might be in just as much danger at Jin Manor.

  • Madam Jin and Qi Ling reach a detente. But a bunch of secrets come to light.

  • Madam Jin resorts to fiendish ends to get Qi Ling out of the Manor. But they aren't the only residents fighting.

  • Madam Jin discovers why Qi Ling has really come to Jin Manor and they turn from allies to enemies.

  • Two women who know the secret of Yuan Bao's birth get lured into the Capital.

  • Madam Jin makes a major decision to try and reunite her family. Meanwhile, she and Yuan Bao realize they may have an enemy in Second Prince.

  • Yuan Bao and Chang Feng learn everything and peace is restored...until everyone else finds out.

  • Yuan Bao, thinking he knows everything about Qi Ling makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect her.

  • It's Inauguration day. Yuan Bao is saved by a strange alliance. Conditions allow for a life-changing revelation.

  • As Yuan Bao's anger grows so does the level of his spite. He puts into motion plans that put both Perfect Couples in jeopardy.

  • Yuan Bao resumes his icy demeanor as he forces Qi Ling to take etiquette lessons.

  • An accident rocks the Bureau of Weaponry. Meanwhile,Yuan Bao overhears a conversation that changes everything.

  • Madam Jin wants to bring a concubine into the Perfect Couple. Housekeeper Liu and Qian Qian scheme to decide who she'll be.

  • The perfect couples finally confess their love for each other. But one is in danger when Housekeeper Liu hatches a plan.

  • Qi Ling tries to escape Yuan Bao and Housekeeper Liu are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to get her back.

  • Qi Ling is exonerated and a new suspect brings a new death. The pain of Qi Ling's secrets distances her from a lovestruck Yuan Bao.

  • A body is found on the manor and everyone gets emotional. Qi Ling's secret makes her the prime suspect.

  • Yuan Bao and Yu Qi Ling escape while someone else disappears. An enemy stumbles upon Qi Ling's real identity.

  • The girls finally realize they're in love but have misgivings about lying. A trick turns into a kidnapping.

  • The Second Prince pays a visit. The girls confront Madam Jiang of their situation.

  • News that Madam Jiang is coming to the birthday celebration send Qi Ling and Xiao Xuan panicking

  • Yuan Bao wants to make his wife confess her feelings for him. Qi Ling is tricked into coordinating Lady Jin's birthday party.

  • To forget his feelings for Qi Ling, Yuan Bao falls victim to Physician Gu's Forget Love Potion.

  • Yu Qi Ling and Jiang Xiao Xuan work together to prevent their switched idenity from being discovered.

  • The real Jiang Xiao Xuan turns up at Jin Manor by coincidence. Yu Qi Ling tries to cover up her true identity.

  • The couple returns to Jin Manor. Yuan Bao resumes his investigation of Miss Chu Chu.

  • Yuan Bao reunites with his real mother. The assassins attack the inn.

  • Yuan Bao gets captured by Housekeeper Liu's henchmen. Miss Jiang sees Li Jun again

  • Yuan Bao's wallet goes missing on their journey. Physician Gu finds Li Jun for Miss Jiang.

  • Qi Ling and Yuan Bao bond while escaping their attackers. Housekeeper Liu's nefarious plans get darker and more violent.

  • Qi Ling makes a major discovery about Yuan Bao. Two different parties hatch a plot to kidnap Yuan Bao.

  • Qi Ling hatches a plan to try and verify Yuan Bao's identity.

  • Miss Jiang escapes, and Qi Ling assumes her identity and marries Yuan Bao.

  • Both Jin Yuan Bao and Jiang Xiao Xuan are unhappy about the arranged marriage.

  • The Empress Dowager arranges a marriage between the Jin and Jiang family.

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