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The series PowerNatoin Engine Power is a show for all those enjoy cars. This series will show a person how to put together different parts of the car engine and will also show them some of the most powerful engines on cars.

Spike TV
3 Seasons, 69 Episodes
January 5, 2014
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PowerNation: Engine Power Full Episode Guide

  • Mike and Pat build a high - compression race rat with lots of cubes.

  • The guys wrap up the 816-hp "Grey Hair White Knuckle" Caprice, getting it track ready. Plus, learn how to get a motorsports degree from a high performance college.

  • Mike and Pat do the first install of the hottest new ProCharger blower on a Mustang GT, then strap it to the dyno where it puts down wild numbers on pump gas.

  • Pat and Mike team up with SAM Tech to show you the secrets of building a high-horsepower COPO Camaro engine.

  • Team continues the transformation of its turbocharged ’63 Galaxie into a top-speed terror. Also, converting a cranky carbureted small-block to fuel-injection.

  • Pat and Mike put twin turbos on the ultimate factory Mustang, the Shelby GT350R.

  • The guys team up with Stage 1 Automotive to build a 470-inch Buick that makes surprising pump-gas power.

  • A '63 Galaxie is rolled into the shop and fitted with the 347 turbo known as "Little Black & Blue."

  • Team buttons up our 800-plus horse LSA-powered ’93 Caprice.

  • In Stage 3 of our small-block build, our 383 becomes a 406 and gets a centrifugal supercharger to make mega-power.

  • Pat and Mike button up their Gen III Hemi with super trick heads, then it's tech tip time with Mike and Pat.

  • The guys build a twin-turbo-capable 420-inch Gen III Hemi for install in a Hellcat-pounding SRT8 Challenger.

  • Pat and Mike take grandma’s ’93 Caprice and upgrade the rear and suspension for an 816-horse supercharged LSA swap.

  • Team tops its 512 Mopar stroker with Trick Flow’s slick new big-block heads and intake, then hits the dyno.

  • The Engine Power team builds a really big RB Mopar. Short-block is covered in part 1 and features the best parts in the business.

  • Pat and Mike team up with Factory Five to build the most inexpensive mid-engine supercar ever. Powered by a Mustang Ecoboost 4, it'll outrun a new Corvette.

  • The Engine Power team builds a budget friendly Ford 390FE with a updated twist.

  • The guys finish the top end and strap into the dyno chairs for a power filled dyno session on pump gas.

  • Pat and Mike look for big power from the factory supercharged power house found in the Cadillas CTS-V's.

  • We're taking you to the NMRA (National Mustang Racers Association) Finals in Bowling Green, where championships are on the line and the action is non-stop.

  • Completing the small block Chevy with trick induction from the heads to the intake manifold. This potent combo makes big power on the dyno We're taking you to the NMRA (National Mustang Racers Association) Finals in Bowling Green, where championships are on the line and the action is non-stop

  • Stage II of our small block Chevy build get's block modifications and a competition rotating assembly to complete a solid shortblock.

  • The first of a 3 stage build of the durable small block Chevy. A back to basics 355 inch powerplant that makes great reliable power for under 4000 bucks.

  • Team preps survivor '63 Galaxie for 1/2 mile assault by making room for our turbo'd Black & Blue 347.

  • Outdo the new $90,000 Z06 Corvette by supercharging a 2008 Z06 and adding a performance safety package.

  • We stretch a Ford big block to 557 cubes and flog our Power Stop Z06 at the new Corvette racetrack.

  • Team takes their wild 347 Ford to Stage 3 with Hellion 76mm turbocharger, making massive power on race gas.

  • Pat and Mike freshen a 572 with a radical cam swap and test a hi-rise intake verses a dual-quad tunnel ram.

  • Supercharging a 2008 Z06 and adding Z26 performance brake package to out perform the new $90,000 Z06 Corvette.

  • C6 Z06 gets new Track Day brake package, suspension upgrades, sticky tires plus get more LS7 power with long-tube headers.

  • New Mustang gets 900 HP twin turbo kit, looser torque converter, one piece driveshaft than a trip to the strip.

  • Engine dyno tuning fact and fiction, performance piston technology and how to build the ultimate engine stand.

  • Pat and Mike rebuild and hop up a 4.0L Jeep straight six with trick cam, modified intake and aluminum head.

  • Team dials in Lime Dime drag truck at the strip with how to set up the trans brake, ladder bar suspension and NOS.

  • Pat and Mike reveal secrets on how to build a winning all-iron Chevy small block for dirt track racing.

  • Mike and Pat install reengineered drive-train in '33 FFR hot rod kit and test it for Duplicolor sweepstakes.

  • Pat and Mike team up with Duplicolor to build old skool street rod with Factory Five Racing's '33 hot rod kit.

  • Team tests the limits of Ford's 5.0L block with big compression, solid roller cam and 8000 RPM dyno runs.

  • Team makes big street/strip power on a budget by stroking a stock 5.0L small block Ford to 347.

  • "Mike and Pat assemble and dyno tune massive 640 cubic inch tri-power 429 Ford with 871 blower and nitrous."

  • Team celebrates the 60th anniversary of Chevy's small block building a potent supercharged 350 with dual EFI.

  • The team visits Kaase Racing to machine the 429 inch Ford big block from the first monster truck, Big Foot #1.

  • 71 Dodge gets period-correct restoration with hopped up 225 Slant Six Mopar and fresh automatic trans.

  • 71 Dodge gets period-correct restoration with a souped up 225 Slant Six Mopar and a fresh trans.

  • Team resurrects and hot rods Mopar's indestructible 6 cylinder, the bulletproof 225 Dodge Slant Six.

  • Team installs latest twin Hellion turbocharger system boosting new Camaro SS to 600 horsepower.

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