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PowerNation: Truck Tech is a TV series that deals with modifying, repairing and upgrading all kinds of pickup trucks. The series is broadcast on Spike TV and debuted in 2014. PowerNation: Truck Tech gives viewers an idea of how they can fix, repair and upgrade their pickup trucks on the advice of experts in car repair and maintenance.

Spike TV
3 Seasons, 69 Episodes
January 5, 2014
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PowerNation: Truck Tech Full Episode Guide

  • The '55 F100 gets its virgin shakedown run, then we'll trailer her to Louisville's Mecum Auction where she hits the sale block to the highest bidder.

  • Our '01 Ram is back for leveling kit and brake upgrades, plus how to turn a vintage Cadillac bench into a tuck and roll couch for your man-cave.

  • Our '71 C10 goes through final assembly and fire up, plus how to turn a vintage Cadillax bench into a tuck and roll couch for your man-cave.

  • A chopped top begs for a custom cut windshield, Glass Guy Chicago will show us how it's done. Plus the rest of truck is assembled before the big payoff and auction.

  • Fail an emissions test? Quick fixes to get you passed. Plus our C10 gets painted to look old with fauxtina treatment.

  • Our C10 Chevy gets bed assembled, cut open for exhaust and a fresh interior. Plus relocating the gas filler by shaving the factory hole.

  • How to turn junkyard bucket seats into show-quality upholstery for our F100. Plus how low-cost sheet metal can transform your old pick up bed.

  • 'Classic C10 Chevy gets treated to rust repair, painted firewall before prepping for paint as a fully assembled truck.

  • Basket case is wired bumper to bumper while the Chevy C10 is plumbed and given a custom cutout exhaust.

  • Our Jeep gets LED's before hitting the trail, and Jeremy uses his custom paint skills to add a unique color treatment to the pick-up's wood bed

  • Team assembles the chassis for our classic F-100, which then gets custom paint.

  • Our sleeper Silverado is awakened with the addition of a turbocharger, four-inch exhaust and more.

  • The sleeper Silverado returns for a trans swap and axle upgrades, including Gearing 101.

  • Our Ecoboost-powered ?55 F100 gets a custom-fabricated intercooler and the frame is treated to a full-on paint job.

  • This classic pickup returns for custom brakes, fuel system plus cab repair.

  • A boring 4 door Jeep is turned into a dual purpose fun wagon with lift, performance tune, exhaust and more.

  • A classic C-10 is introduced and treated to air suspension on all four corners.

  • After major intake upgrades, lowering kit and more the 13 Ram is back for stereo upgrades, lights and payoff.

  • Lowering kits are installed on two half ton pick-ups. A 2013 Ram gets a 2/4 drop and a 2010 Silverado 4/6 drop.

  • Diesel NighTrain hits the strip for a smokin' payoff & cam swap and tune of our '10 Silverado "Project White Noize".

  • Our 2013 Ram half-ton gasser gets a supercharger & high flow exhaust, plus hammer/dolly body tips.

  • The ?55 F100 is assembled and body worked, ready for paint.

  • Firing an EcoBoost in bare chassis & custom plumb a Duramax cooling system.

  • Team shows how to save big money by replacing your own CV axle bearings, water pump and AC condenser.

  • Guys fabricate intercooler plumbing, custom fuel lines and custom exhaust as we fire up our Duramax diesel.

  • Jeremy and LT prep cab for custom paint, install electric power steering and a custom gas tank.

  • Guys turn up the wick on a stock F150 EcoBoost adding 69 HP with a cold air kit, exhaust and tuner.

  • Team drops and levels Duramax diesel 1500 with 2"/4" lowering kit and swaps out anemic factory 10-bolt rear.

  • We're timing the 235 straight 6 in our '53 3100 and repairing the weather worn paint before hitting the streets for a fun drive in our classic pickup.

  • Team adds GPS off-road mapping system to V6 Nissan and heads into the back country to prep for hunting season.

  • 53 pickup with Stovebolt six gets dual carb intake, cast iron header, front disc brake kit and new hoops.

  • Team preps Frontier 4x4 for hunting with 6" lift, air locker, gears, 35" rubber and upgraded brakes.

  • C-10 with DuraMax diesel gets de-laminated paint repaired, a cowl hood, weld-in roll pan and new front end treatment.

  • Dual purpose '07 Jeep gets bolt-on performance upgrades, tuner, trail lighting and stainless steel exhaust.

  • Ryan finishes his modified Jeep street/trail rig with a sport top and tests it out on the streets and the trails.

  • Ryan's F100 gets electronic control pack activating Eco Boost turbo V6, and a custom cats-only exhaust.

  • Ryan completes 4WD conversion with new Currie front axle, heavy duty driveshafts and performance brakes.

  • After 23 years in retirement, original BigFoot monster truck comes alive with new transmission and blown engine.

  • Ryan lifts '07 Wrangler, converts it a to 4WD and installs an Advanced Adaptor under-drive crawl box.

  • How to box the frame of a Chevy 1500 to handle the extra power and torque of a modern Duramax diesel V8 engine.

  • Using microphones to detect suspension problems and how off-road suspensions are designed and tested.

  • How to transform an old Dodge Cummins work truck with new paint in a weekend for under $500 bucks.

  • Custom shop tech on how-to widen pickup fenders to make room for fatter tires and still keep the classic look.

  • Turning a classic Chevy C10 into a street bruiser swapping in a Duramax diesel with Allison 6 speed automatic

  • How to build and hang a custom 9" Ford rear end and big brakes to handle turbocharged Eco Boost V6.

  • How to fabricate custom motor mounts to swap an Eco Boost V6 and Tremec 5 speed into a classic F100.

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