Revenge Note 2

In this fantasy drama series, a teenager discovers a phone app that someone manages to exact revenge on anyone whose name she gives it. This, of course, leads to plenty of conflict and drama.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
August 13, 2018

Revenge Note 2 Full Episode Guide

  • After seeing her classmate being bullied, Ji Na decides to take action.

  • Ji Na deals with the aftermath of an unexpected confession.

  • Ji Na's aunt finds love, but it seems too good to be true.

  • Ji Na tries to help her parents get back together.

  • When Ji Na's friends realize she is missing, they split up and go looking for her.

  • Ji Na brings her friends to visit her grandmother.

  • Mi Nam gets caught up in the world of AOA fandom.

  • Much to his dismay, Robin has to join a club.

  • Ji Na selects her next target for revenge.

  • Jay offers to help Ji Na study.

  • Ahn Sung In frames Ji Na's dad.

  • Rok Hee's dad makes them work for their school report.

  • Sa Na tries to find out if Robin likes her. Ha Ni's jealousy intensifies.

  • Rok Hee's best friend returns to town and is jealous of her new friends.

  • Sa Na thinks plastic surgery will solve all her problems.

  • Sa Na is jealous of her sister.

  • Jay and Ji Na try to clear Robin's name.

  • When the money for the class shirts goes missing, Robin is a suspect.

  • Shin Ae's stalker becomes more aggressive.

  • Eun Hee invites Jay and Robin over for dinner.

  • Eun Yeon and Soo Ji team up to get back at Ji Na.

  • Soo Ji continues her crusade to make Ji Na's life miserable.

  • Soo Ji, used to getting everything she wants, has to figure out how to improve her grades when her mother suspends her credit card.