Revolutionary Love

In this Korean romantic comedy series, a group of young people tries to navigate life, love, and finance together, despite the fact that they come from different socioeconomic classes. The series debuted in 2017 on the tvN network.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
October 14, 2017

Revolutionary Love Full Episode Guide

  • Hyuk wants to make a lot of changes and finally realizes that it will take a lot longer than he had anticipated.

  • It's up to Hyuk to save Jae Hoon, but can he truly do so with no one getting hurt?

  • Hyuk tries to find out what Jae Hoon is up to. Everyone is excited to take a day off and just have fun together.

  • Joon quits the cleaning crew to find out what her true dream is. Jae Hoon's negative view of Hyuk shifts.

  • Joon helps Hyuk figure out where the incriminating photos came from. Hyuk and Joon set up Jae Hoon with Yeon Hee.

  • Mister Kim begins working on Gangsu's Strategic Planning team, but Jae Hoon is prepared to give him a hard time for his first big project.

  • Hyuk tries to figure out how to get Seman's beef rice bowls on the shelves, and subsequently, how to market them so they fly off the shelves. Joon questions her entire way of life.

  • Joon and Hyuk try to help the factory whose contract is being terminated by Gangsu. Woo Sung has become suspicious of Joon and her influence on Hyuk.

  • CEO Byun says he'll listen to the cleaning staff's demands... if Hyuk can secure an internship on his own, without the aid of nepotism.

  • Hyuk and Joon begin a new job together, but the location is less than ideal, and the challenges are as great as ever.

  • Hyuk tells his side of the story to the police, and then his father kicks him out of the house.

  • Joon accepts Hyuk's offer, but she needs to keep him hidden if she wants to keep her job. An accident at the construction site threatens the workers' livelihoods.

  • Because of Byun Hyuk's antics, Gangsu stock prices are plummeting. Hyuk ends up doing manual labor to avoid telling Joon who he really is.

  • Byun Hyuk, a misbehaved heir of Gangsu Group, finds himself in deep trouble after causing chaos on a plane. When he meets sassy, serial part-timer Baek Joon, he learns how the less fortunate live.