Rooftop Prince

In this fantasy comedy series, an 18th-century Korean prince finds himself catapaulted through time to the 21st century. There he must contend with the many changes that have transformed his country, including an entirely new style of romance. The 20-episode series originally aired in 2012 on the Seoul Broadcasting System.

Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 20 Episodes
March 21, 2012
Comedy, Fantasy, Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Ji-min Han, Yu-mi Jeong, Min-ho Lee, Yoo-chun Park

Rooftop Prince Full Episode Guide

  • Lee Gak is back in Joseon and gets closer to finding the truth behind the Crown Princess' murder.

  • Se Na must choose between her Tae Moo and her sister Park Ha while Lee Gak struggles to save Park Ha from a dangerous accident.

  • The conditions of the late Chairman Yeo's will are announced. In a desperate move to claim the inheritance, Tae Moo corners Prince Lee Gak with an accusation.

  • When Chairman Jang suddenly decides to take one of her daughters to Hong Kong, Tae Moo and Lee Gak find themselves scrambling to outdo the other.

  • Lee Gak pretends to be Tae Yong to discover what really happened in New York between Tae Moo and his cousin. Meanwhile, Park Ha discovers a clue that may lead to her mother.

  • Se Na fails to trick President Jang with her scheme. The new CEO of HSN is announced, and Tae Moo makes a desperate move to ruin Lee Gak once and for all.

  • Prince Lee Gak discovers Se Na's deceptive scheming. The Chairman of HSN announces a surprise that catches Tae Moo and his father off guard.

  • Park Ha decides to leave the rooftop after a conversation with Lee Gak. Tae Moo is stunned to discover his cousin is alive.

  • Prince Lee Gak is given a second chance after failing to secure a contract agreement. Tae Moo discover's Se Na's family secret.

  • Park Ha does everything to prevent Prince Lee Gak from discovering her secret confession. Se Na plans schemes to marry Lee Gak before Tae Moo's father can rid of her.

  • Se Na is determined to ruin Park Ha. Prince Lee Gak struggles to resolve his feelings towards both Park Ha and Se Na.

  • Park Ha's birthday approaches while Se Na continues to scheme to overtake her step sister.

  • The rooftop apartment is renovated. Park Ha goes on a blind date.

  • The mysterious Chairman is looking for her long lost daughters. Park Ha attempts to piece together her hazy past.

  • Prince Lee Gak begins to court Se Ha when he starts work at Tae Yong's family company. Park Ha begins to remember her hazy childhood past.

  • Prince Lee Gak strikes a deal with the chairman to save Park Ha's rooftop apartment.

  • Park Ha loses her deposit check. With her business at risk, Prince Lee Gak and crew rally to keep her from leaving for America.

  • Park Ha uses Prince Lee Gak and his minions to help the opening of her store. Tae Moo worries that his family will discover his dark secret.

  • Prince Lee Gak and his trio of detectives are stunned to find themselves in the rooftop apartment of Park Ha, a modern day Korean woman who just returned from New York City to discover that her father has died.

  • Crown Prince Lee Gak is looking for a beautiful wife. Sisters Hwa Yong and Boo Young are both considered for the royal seat.

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