Possibly the ultimate K-drama, Sandglass became a cultural phenomenon in 1995. Shops and businesses closed early so workers could get home in time to watch it.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
November 9, 2012
Cast: Jae-Ho Choi, Min-su Choi, Hyun-Jung Go, Kim Jung Hak

Sandglass Full Episode Guide

  • Under cross examination, Tong Hwan Kang is implicated as a go between for the mob and government officials. Tae Soo and Woo Suk's connection comes to light and people question his ability as a prosecutor.

  • Police stop a truck in hopes of finding Tae Soo but their search is unsuccessful. Attempts to locate Jung Do Lee fail to uncover any new information on his current whereabouts.

  • Attempts at a deal fail to keep Tae Soo out of trouble. Information reaches the District Attorney's office about a special ledger containing kickbacks as well as other illegal dealings.

  • A meeting decides management's future as well as operations at the casino. Woo Suk looks over open case folders for the area and talks to a policeman in the department.

  • Woo Suk asks a dying patient for permission to marry his daughter. A prisoner revels important information about Mr. Chang and his sponsorship of a gang with ties to the city.

  • When Tae Soo gets involved with the mob, he runs into legal trouble. Midway in his trial, his lawyer abruptly quits. Tae Soo asks him why, however, the lawyer is hesitant to give him a reason. Tae Soo latter learns that mob bosses have put pressure on the lawyer to quit or face the consequences.

  • The two best friends get pulled even deeper into Korean politics as the Seoul Ministry investigates a disturbing death of one of their own. Will the power truly corrupt them or can they rise above it to find who really killed this man and why.

  • Long anticipated, the grand opening of the West Side Casino has finally arrived, and the casino is filled with lucrative quests from all over the world. Amidst the excitement, Mr. Yoon's overwhelmed daughter struggles to understand her duties towards her father, while confronted by his entourage. Rising to the occasion, Mr. Yoon's daughter stands tall, and extends her father's congratulations for

  • Inebriated and angry, Tae-soo forcefully enters the casino before it is open looking for much needed answers to his unsolved questions. At first, Tae-soo meets with opposition until Jung-kun recognizes him, and allows him entrance. Tae-soo soon discovers that things have changed since Mr. Yoon has taken Jong-do under his wing, which has allowed his new protegee to become greedy with power.

  • Park Tae-soo and In Jae Jung are sentenced to four weeks of brutal and humiliating punishment through "purification retraining". Meanwhile, Kang Woo-suk and Yoon Hye-rin work together to find and reach Tae-soo.

  • Yoon Hye-rin gets caught up in a bar conflict and Tae-so comes to her rescue. They fall in love with each other and her father, a casino owner, becomes very angry. In the end, Tae-so ends up in prison. His best friend Woo-Suk is grieved to learn of this situation.

  • At first seemingly peaceful, the harmonious tune coming from a violin begins softly, but subtly the melody becomes more intense as Hye-rin must confess the truth about Woo-suk. Then, Tae-soo appeals to Mr. Chang's history with his family, and begs for his assistance. Temporarily defeated, Tae-soo turns his attention to Mr. Yoon.

  • Amongst what appears to be chaos, the calm eyes of Tae-soo soars across the mobs of people, and captures the attention his old friend. Intent upon his mission, Tao-soo poses some thought provoking questions to his friend about current military methods, and confidently informs his friend of the promise he once made to his mother.

  • The riot in Kwangju continues as Tae-Soo searches for a way to escape the madness by heading up to Seoul with Jin-Soo. Abruptly, the buses leading out of Kwangju have been cancelled. After the riots take to the streets Tae-Soo donates his blood and Woo-Suck has a change of heart.

  • The chairman is squeezing out Joo-Myung No and turns the casino over to Mr. Min while having Jae-Hee keep an eye on Hae-Rin as she continues to work on the underground paper. Hae-Rin beomes overwhelmed by the conditions of the fasting demonstrators and cries on Woo-Suk's shoulder before being arrested.

  • After picking up a bad fare, Woo-Suk Kang spends the night in jail after he tries to help a woman that is accosted in his cab. Joo-Myung No opens a casino, and Tae-Soo Park makes a power play by raiding it without permission, taking with him 200 of his boss's men

  • Possibly the ultimate K-drama, Sandglass became a cultural phenomenon in 1995. Shops and businesses closed early so workers could get home in time to watch it.

  • Despite student protests and boycotts, Woo-Suk Kang continues studying and taking tests at the University, where he falls for a an out spoken girl while trying to persuade Tae-Soo Park to mend his ways. More back story is given regarding his past and his parent's suffering under the oppression of a dishonest government.

  • In the spring of 1976 Tae-Soo Park is bailed out of jail by Ex-Congressman Sung-Bom Lee, who recognizes Park from a violent protest. Mr Chang offers Park work with the government; Flashback to the winter of 1973 when Tae-Soo Park is a new student where he meets friends Woo-Suk Kang and Oh Jong-do.