Sang Doo, Let's Go to School

Sang Doo, Let's Go to School is all about a Korean friendship that has its up and downs. Sang Doo is friends with a girl named Chae Eun-hwan. They secretly have crushes on each other. One day, Eun-hawn's family goes bankrupt. Sang Doo sees the whole thing and sees the businessman coming to retrieve the assets of the struggling family.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
September 15, 2003
Crime, Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Soo-hyun Hong, Rain, Hyo-jin Kong, Dong-geon Lee

Sang Doo, Let's Go to School Full Episode Guide

  • Just as happiness seems to be within Sang-doo's grasp, he is arrested and fate once more keeps him from his true love.

  • Even though it seems Sang-doo and Eun-hwan are fated to be together, the circumstances surrounding Bori's illness continue to keep them apart.

  • Bori's illness brings Eun-hwan closer to knowing the truth about her relationship to Sera.

  • When Bori's health takes a serious downturn, Sang-doo reverts back to his old ways to try to save his daughter.

  • Eun-hwan pulls away from Min-suk, but bad timing again makes it difficult for things to work out with Sang-doo.

  • Eun-hwan softens to Sang-doo after he risks his life to try to save her. As Sera becomes closer with Bori, complications arise.

  • After being pushed away by Eun-hwan, Sang-doo stops attending school and is quickly missed by more than just his classmates.

  • As Min-suk and Eun-hwan's plans for marriage become more finalized, Sang-doo does everything he can to convince her to be with him instead.

  • Sang-doo and Min-suk continue to battle over Eun-hwan's affections. Meanwhile, Sang-doo's popularity skyrockets at school and some jealous boys hatch a plot against him.

  • Eun-hwan's younger brother picks a fight with Sang-doo at school. Sang-doo gets into a car accident while trying to rescue a student from his school.

  • Eun-hwan wakes up to find herself in the same room as Sang-doo. Sang-doo enrolls in Eun-hwan's school as a new student.

  • Sang-doo is tormented by Eun-hwan's younger brother at school. Eun-hwan becomes drunk and gets carried by Sang-doo to a motel.

  • Sang-doo finds work at Eun-hwan's school as a bodyguard. We also learn more about Sang-doo's past.

  • Sang-doo tries to take care of his sick daughter whose irresponsible mother tries to force her way back into their lives just as he reconnects with his long lost love.