Secret Love Affair

In this romantic drama, a successful businesswoman falls in love with a much younger and much less wealthy pianist. Because of the differences in their circumstances, they must keep their romance a secret. The series aired in 2014 on the Korean jTBC network.

Monday & Tuesday 9:50 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes
March 17, 2014
Korean Drama
Cast: Ah-in Yoo

Secret Love Affair Full Episode Guide

  • Hye Won must make a choice that will affect the next decade of her life.

  • Hye Won attempts to gain the upper hand in her legal war.

  • Hye Won is struggling to pretend to have a loving marriage with her husband.

  • In the midst of her legal trouble, Hye Won tries to clean up her mess with Sun Jae.

  • Joon Hyung tells Hye Won to end her relationship with Sun Jae. Meanwhile, Sun Jae looks into applying for school abroad.

  • Sun Jae performs his biggest audition and Hye Won has to deal with her boss being caught for illegal financial activity.

  • As Hye Won and Sun Jae become closer, she ends up being assigned as his official instructor.

  • Hye Won is jealous when she sees Sun Jae with Da Mi eating dinner.

  • Joon Hyung is suspicious of the relationship between Hye Won and Sun Jae they seem closer than they should be.

  • Despite Hye Won trying to maintain a professional relationship with Sun Jae, she still finds herself drawn to him.

  • With Sun Jae staying at their home, Joon Hyung preps him for his audition while Hye Won tries to avoid his advances.

  • Da Mi appeals to Hye Won to help get Sun Jae released from jail after he nearly assaults a lady.

  • Sun Jae prepares for the entrance exam into Seohan University's piano major.

  • Hye Won auditions Sun Jae and finds him to be a gifted and thrilling pianist.

  • Looking for a new apprentice, music professor Kang Joon Hyung discovers Lee Sun Jae who has raw talent and ability. Sending Sun Jae to his wife, Oh Hye Won, for an evaluation, a volatile relationship is about to begin between them.