Spy Myung Wol

Spy Myung Wol, also known as Myung Wol The Spy, is a Korean television series that falls into the genres of romance, comedy, and action. This television series primarily airs on the KBS2 channel, and it was written by Kim Eun Young. Spy Myung Wol was directed by Hwang In Hyuk and Kim Young Kyun, and it was produced by Choi Moon Suk, Im Kyu Young, and Kim Jin Woo. Furthermore, this television series stars many well known actors and actresses such as Han Ye Seul, Eric Mun, Lee Jin Wook, Jang Hee Jin, Lee Deok Hwa, Jo Hyung Ki, Yoo Ji In, Lee Kyun, Park Hyun Sook, Shin Seung Hwan, Lee Dahee, Lee Byung Joon, Lee Ji Joon, Cha Seung Joon, Kim Ha Kyun, Jung Da Hye, Kim Ga Young, and Kim Sung Oh.

Spy Myung Wol is mainly focused around a young woman by the name of Han Myung Wol. Han Myung Wol is a professional, skilled, and elite North Korean spy. She also has a loyal and faithful partner who's name is Choi Ryu. These two master spys are preparing to go on a mission to South Korea. This mission to South Korea is an attempt to disrupt their Hallyu wave.

In order for Han Myung Wol and her partner Choi Ryu to disrupt the Hallyu wave, they plan to kidnap one of their most popular and top stars. This star's name is Kang Woo. Somewhere along the mission, Han Myung Wol begins to develop feelings for Kang Woo. Unfortunately, Han Myung Wol and Choi Ryu's mission begins to fall apart when Han Myung Wol has to battle with her dedication to her job, and the uncontrollable curiosity and her love for Kang woo, leading to conflicts with her partner and complications with her mission.

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 18 Episodes
July 11, 2011
Korean Drama, Comedy, Romance

Spy Myung Wol Full Episode Guide

  • With the NSA agents on their tail, the two spies make a painful decision to leave Kang Woo and In Ah. A skip to the future provides a glimpse of how others move on.

  • Ryu and Myung Wol's lives are in danger when everyone discovers their true identities as spies.

  • Myung Wol is forced to choose between the man she loves and the man who's always loved her.

  • The truth is out when Kang Woo discovers that Myung Wol is intent on completing her mission and bringing him back to the North.

  • Chairman Joo raises the stakes as he demands the true ancient book from Ryu and Kang Woo.

  • When Ryu is kidnapped, Myung Wol takes all the risks to help him, even though Kang Woo is quickly discovering her true identity.

  • Kang Woo shows Myung Wol what a real first date is like, but suspicions of Myung Wol's true motives mar their relationship.

  • Kang Woo suffers from trying to ignore his increasing love for Myung Wol. Meanwhile Ryu unearths a report of an accident that may be tied to Kang Woo.

  • With Kang Woo's surprise engagement to In Ah, the spies worry that all will be over for them.

  • Kang Woo wizens up to Myung Wol's mission. She quickly takes matters into her own hands: become a Hallyu star herself to win him over.

  • Kang Woo is in complete denial of his feelings despite seeing visions of Myung Wol everywhere. Ryu works with Myung Wol to make Kang Woo more jealous.

  • Recently fired, Myung Wol takes desperate measures in order to get back to Kang Woo's good graces and be his bodyguard again.

  • When Kang Woo disappears into the mountains, Myung Wol races to find him before the weather goes bad. Their night together has unforeseen consequences.

  • Growing desperate, Myung Wol awkwardly throws herself at Kang Woo during his birthday in an attempt to win him over more quickly.

  • Now hired as Kang Woo's bodyguard, Myung Wol must get used to Kang Woo's odd quirks and crazy fans. She attends a jewelry showcase with him, raising In Ah's ire.

  • Myung Wol's straightforward confession goes wrong, but it doesn't stop her handlers from continuously throwing her in the path of Kang Woo.

  • Receiving her new orders, Han Myung Wol undergoes her most difficult training yet: how to act like a girl.

  • Han Myung Wol heads to Singapore as a bodyguard for an official's daughter, only to get mixed up in a secret mission that involves Hallyu star Kang Woo.