Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This comedy series considers the plight of a young woman who was born with super-human strength. When she is hired to be the bodyguard of a wealthy rascal, she has to choose between her feelings for him and her attraction to an old friend. The series debuted in 2017 on Korean television.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
February 24, 2017
Cast: Bo-Young Park, Hyung-shik Park, Ji Soo, Won-hae Kim

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Full Episode Guide

  • "Final" In the finale, Bong Soon moves on to her other passion, trying to get her videogame off the ground.

  • "Level Up" Bong Soon prepares a trap for the person who wants her dead, to the chagrin of Gook Du and Min Hyuk, who would prefer she lay low.

  • "A Prelude to the Battle" The police search for Kim Jang Hyun's body, while Bong Soon deals with her new powerlessness.

  • "Nonetheless" Bong Soon sets out to find her kidnapped friend, while Min Hyuk begs for caution.

  • "Help Me" Min Hyuk has trouble balancing his role as Bong Soon's boss with his new relationship. Gook Du is hot on the trail of the kidnapper.

  • "Timing" Bong Soon makes an adversary at work, while poop wine changes Baek Tak's entire world.

  • "Finding the Hidden Heart" Min Hyuk offers Bong Soon what she has been waiting for, but with a catch. Gook Du steps outside of his official duties.

  • "High-risk Love" Min Hyuk thinks he is closing in on the kidnapping culprit, but he has no evidence. Gook Du does something daring to help Bong Soon.

  • "One More Step" Bong Soon goes through a rigourous training regimen to try to control and focus her powers.

  • "Change" Bong Soon's grandmother shows up to give some grandmotherly advice, and Min Hyuk faces his stalker.

  • "Happy Together" A night of macho one-upmanship turns very awkward for Min Hyuk and Gook Du.

  • "Her True Identity" Bong Soon lets her guard down, and accidentally tells her boss exactly what she thinks of him after having too much to drink.

  • "That Jerk's Secret" CEO Ahn finds himself on the wrong end of Bong Soon's wrath and winds up in the hospital.