Summer Scent

The television series entitled Summer Scent is centered on the challenges of Yoo Min-Woo. Yoo Min-Woo is a hardworking young man. One day he comes across a lady known as Seo Eun and immediately falls in love with her but unfortunately not long after he met Seo, she died in a car accident. Her parents decided to donate all her organs. Shim is another character in the series who has been suffering from a heart disease all his life. One day she learns that her heart is going to be replaced with a healthy one obtained from a deceased donor called Seo.

In order to get over the grief of Seo's death, Yoo makes up his mind to leave Korea for a while. He decides to go and study in Italy but the memories of Seo remain fresh in his mind. Some years later he returns to Korea and accidentally meets Shim at the airport. Shim feels her heart beating in an unusual way that she has never experienced but does not understand why.

Shim has a fianc

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 20 Episodes
July 7, 2003
Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Seung-heon Song, Ye-jin Son, Jin Ryu, Ji-hye Han

Summer Scent Full Episode Guide

  • When Hye Won collapses during her wedding, Jung Jae blames Min Woo for everything he's done to her.

  • Unhappy to see that Hye Won and Jung Jae will marry, Min Woo decides to leave for Italy.

  • Hye Won wants to break up, but the emotional stress puts a strain on her heart. Despite wanting to marry her, Jung Jae feels sorry for seeing her so hurt.

  • Hye Won avoids meeting Min Woo, believing that he loved her for having Eun Hye's heart only.

  • Jung Jae pressures Min Woo to reveal the truth to Hye Won, but Min Woo doesn't want to shock her any further.

  • Hye Won finally visits the grave of Eun Hye, and thanks her for a second chance at life.

  • When everyone discovers the connection with Eun Hye's heart, they try to separate Min Woo and Hye Won.

  • Jung Jae accidentally discovers the history between Hye Won's heart, and Min Woo.

  • Jung Jae refuses to let Min Woo intervene in his relationship with Hye Won, but he won't let Min Woo quit from the project either.

  • Hye Won is stranded on an island, and Min Woo goes through any lengths to bring her back home.

  • Jung Jae becomes jealous, and he forces Min Woo to stop running into Hye Won.

  • Hye Won faints during the engagement ceremony, and her heart gravitates towards Min Woo when he visits her in the hospital.

  • Jung Ah's jealousy compels her to throw away a special necklace that belongs to Min Woo. It also tests Hye Won's relationship with Jung Jae.

  • Hye Won finally acknowledges her feelings for Min Woo, but strives to forget about them.

  • Hye Won resolves to clear up any misunderstandings with Min Woo, but they find themselves growing apart.

  • Jung Ah begins to suspect that Hye Won and Min Woo are more than just "friends."

  • Hye Won and Min Woo encounter each other at a tea farm, and she feels a weird sense of deja-vu.

  • Jung Ah is set on having her sister-in-law-to-be meet with Min Woo. Meanwhile, Hye Won continues to search for the donor of her transplanted heart.

  • After his first love dies, Min Woo is certain he will never love again. Several years later, a chance meeting upon his return to Korea has Min Woo mysteriously attracted to Hye Won.