Sweet 18

Episode 1 of Sweet 18 starts with the grandfather's making a contract to marry their grandchildren, but the betrothed granddaughter's family is forced to run away because of financial pressures. They go on this way until the granddaughter is 18. She is quite popular and stands up for what she believes in. She fights for the gangbok style versus the gangman style in front of her classmates. So when she bumps into her future husband she doesn't have any qualms falling in love with him. This spunky star makes a good start.

Sweet 18 is a South Korean dramady, which features class conflicts and drama between the two main characters: Yoon Jung-sook, a member of Papyeong's Yun clan and Kwon Hyuk-joon, a member of Andong's Kwon clan. Jung-sook, the female lead is a schoolgirl who meets Hyuk-joon, a mature lawyer, who is betrothed to Jung-sook, despite her unawareness of that fact. She 18 years old, dreamy and carefree: she meets Hyuk-joon in the street, and that masked man has a piece of literature her famous grandfather treasured. At first, she thinks he is boring and he thinks she is an immature child, but they reconcile their differences. The mystery causes her to fall head-over-heels and the rest of the timeline is her and Hyuk-joon making a life together.

Although Hyuk-Joon is a grown man, and ten years older than Jung-sook, they marry happily, though are not without their conflicts. Hyuk-Joon is pursued by his first love and Jung-sook has difficulty escaping the romantic clutches of her classmate Also, Hyuk-Joon works as a prosecutor in the police force and Jung-sook creates a sewing business after giving birth to twins.

Jung-sook is lively and vivacious, and Hyuk-joon is solid and serious. Their personalities compliment and contrast to each other and make for a unique story which will capture the interests of the watchers. Han Ji Hye plays Yoon Jung-sook and Lee Dong Gun plays Kwon Hyuk-joon. The directors are Kim Myung Wook and Kim Jung Gyu, and the screenwriters are Kim Eun Hee and Yoon Eun Kyung.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
January 18, 2004
Korean Drama
Cast: Hae-suk Kim

Sweet 18 Full Episode Guide

  • Grandfather's failing health causes him to collapse. After he fall into a brief coma, Hyuk Joon decides to leave his job as a prosecutor, move to Andong, and take over his duties as firstborn.

  • Hyuk Joon and Jeong Sook finally go on their honeymoon. Ga Young and Sun Ah become enemies after she tells Ga Young to back off her brother.

  • Due to a random bout of nausea, Jeong Sook and the elders believe she is pregnant. Hyuk Joon thinks its too soon, and the nausea is just being caused by stress.

  • Sun Ah finds out Ga Young was married in America. When confronting her in front of Jeong Sook, Ga Young blurts out Sun Ah's attempt to get Hyuk Joon back together with her.

  • Hyuk Joon and Jeong Sook confess their love for each other after he rescues her from the kidnapping. Sun Ah, his sister, tries to keep them apart.

  • Hyuk Joon finds out Jeong Sook knows everything about Ga Young as his first love, and realizes he is actually falling in love with Jung Sook.

  • Ga Young acts as an informant against the Zhuge Clan, which she is defending, and gets attacked as a result. She uses her injuries to try to get Hyuk Joon to spend the night with her.

  • Jung Sook tells Ga Young she knows about her being Hyuk Joon's first love. Ga Young confesses to Hyuk Joon that she still has feelings for him.

  • Jung Sook and Hyuk Joon share their first kiss. Jung Sook finds out Ga Young was Hyuk Joon's first love.

  • Jung Sook unknowingly accepts a bribe from the gang members her husband is prosecuting, and Ga Young attempts to use it against her. The couple, however, only gets closer.

  • Hyuk Joon's ex-girlfriend, Ga Young, returns as the attorney of the crime boss he is trying to put in jail. Ga Young befriends Jung Sook without revealing she is Hyuk Joon's ex in an attempt to tear them apart.

  • Hyuk Joon's ex-girlfriend returns to Seoul, wanting to get back together with him and get married. After a misunderstanding, Jung Sook believes her husband is having an affair.

  • Jung Sook and Hyuk Joon have a beautiful traditional wedding. But after the wedding, the stress of their first night together causes tension between the newlyweds.

  • After her immature behavior causes him to cancel the engagement, Hyuk Joon eventually agrees to marry Jung Sook when she shows him she has a good side to her too.

  • Jung Sook falls in love with a stranger wearing traditional garments only to realize the man she is arranged to marry is the very same person, a prosecutor named Hyuk Joon.